Get Ready for Taco Tuesday

In this season of rush, rush, rush, we say: “nah.” We figure everyone has enough going on with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. So instead of piling on, all of our special sales and deals will be available on Nov. 29th for….wait for it…Taco Tuesday!

No crazy doorbusters needed. We invite you to take this week to relax, power down for the holiday, and spend some quality time with loved ones. Everything will be here waiting for you Tuesday, the 29th. You bet your sweet guacamole we’re giving away tacos with every purchase, too – for FREE*! What are all of those great upcoming deals, you ask? Let’s take a look:


$125 off Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge

Just look at this phone. It’s absolutely gorgeous and loaded with Samsung’s best features. It’s got a 5.1” quad HD display that uniquely goes edge-to-edge if you choose that model. It’s water-resistant and charges wirelessly, which takes us to our next Taco Tuesday deal…

samsung-essentials-bundleSamsung Essentials Bundle — Just $55.20 (You Save 40%)

No longer do you have to struggle with cords like some sort of heathen. The Samsung Wireless Qi Pad will charge your new Galaxy S7 or S7 edge 40% faster. Just sit your phone on it, no cable needed. Also, double your storage capacity on the go with a 32GB Kingston microSD card. Keep more pictures, videos, apps – whatever you need! Also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy J3 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

motorola-g4-plus-black-front-back$70 off Moto G4 PLUS — One Day Only!
(Update: We are sold out of white. Black only.)

Motorola packed a ton of great features into a budget-friendly phone. Advanced fingerprint security recognizes your fingerprint from any angle, so it’s easier to unlock your phone securely. Photos taken with the G4 PLUS 16MP camera look excellent on its 5.5” HD display. Grab a Moto G4 PLUS while it’s only $229 – November 29th ONLY!

moto-x-pure-bundleMoto X Pure Accessories Bundle — just $30 (you save 50%)

Protect your phone for less with this 50% off deal. Just add a tempered glass Gadget Guard screen protector and blue-grey Incipio DualPro case for your Moto X Pure to your cart. Scratches, smudges, dents, and dings be gone!

Don’t forget: Permanent Price Drops!

Galaxy_S6_ComingSoonSamsung Galaxy S6 — now $499

Blazing-fast processing speeds and wireless charging come together for premium performance and top-notch design. It’s also able to charge wirelessly, if you were eyeing that Samsung Essentials Bundle up top (wink, wink).


Moto X PURE EDITION —  now $299

Loaded with top of the line features like front-facing stereo speakers, a stunning 5.7” Quad HD Display, and a 21MP camera. The all day battery with “TurboPower™ Charging” gives you up to 10 hours of extra battery life in just 15 minutes. Purely magnificent!

So, why are we doing Taco Tuesday?

Like most things at Republic, this all started with our members. Back in the day, whenever we had a big milestone moment on our social networks like gaining X number of fans, we would post a cute animal photo as a “thanks.” Well, when we got to 60,000 fans, we couldn’t think of an animal. So, naturally, we slapped some googly eyes on a taco. We had no idea we created an Internet icon. Before we knew it, member Ryan W. had sent us an actual hand-made felt taco. It sits proudly in the communications department to this day. What better a way to honor such a treasure (Ryan W., we’re talking about you) than with Taco Tuesday!


So, there you have it. The best deals are now served with a side of queso. Enjoy the upcoming holiday with your friends and family. And, mark your calendars for November 29th, Taco Tuesday and get FREE tacos. Republic, and all our sales, will be here waiting for you.

Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!



*Offer valid for any purchase only on November 29, 2016. Each completed valid purchase receives a $5 gift card from a national restaurant that sells tacos. Valid purchase means the complete order. If multiple purchases are contained in one complete order, the complete order is eligible for only one gift card. Offer valid only while supply of gift cards last, which is limited. Republic Wireless reserves the right to remove, add or change items on this promotion without prior notice. Cannot be used with other offers, discounts or promo codes. Cannot be applied to past purchases. Other restrictions may apply. Gift card may contain additional restrictions as well.

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14 thoughts on “Get Ready for Taco Tuesday”

  1. What time does the November 29th sale start? 12:01am? 7:00 am? 9:00am?
    Is it first come first served?
    Are their limits to the quantity of each item on sale?

    1. Pretty sure it ia a 24 hr sale or they would have said differently. I would like an answer to your other question, though. 🙂

  2. I ordered a new Moto G4 Plus phone 2-3 days before this was announced, if had known would have waited as was not needed immediately, cost me $70 but still well pleased so far with phone, will order one for wife on Tuesday.

  3. Yes! Just ordered the Moto G4 Plus. Hopefully I like it, I am glad I waited around the past few months to see if it went on sale. Any idea how quickly these items ship?

      1. No, I don’t believe so. It defaults the the 2 GB plan but you could select whatever you want in the dropdown box.

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