Getting Around with Google Voice Commands

As most of my coworkers here at Republic know, I’m an auntie. I LOVE being an auntie; it’s such a joy! I have a great time with my adorable, smart, inquisitive, hilarious nephew. When I volunteer to hang out with him for the day I score major cool points with my brother and we always have an eventful outing.

Ok_Google_NowNot too long ago, my nephew and I were out and about for an “adventure” day. We had several planned and impromptu stops to make and of course my handy dandy Moto X was leading the way. As I called out commands to my phone my nephew repeated the same question over and over again…

“Do you have Siri?”

“Aunt Shannon do you use Siri?”

“Is that Siri?”

“So you have Siri Aunt Shannon?”

(And the variations continued…kids these days, right?!)

Each time, I lovingly and patiently explained to my 8 year old nephew that I use an Android phone so no, this is not Siri. It’s better.  After a while, I started showing him some of the features of Google Now voice commands search since he was so intrigued. We get asked frequently here at Republic,

Does Android have an app like Siri?

What is the Android version of Siri?

Can I still use Siri if I switch?

Since inquiring minds want to know, I’ll highlight some “Siri like” features and take you through part of the day with my nephew to show how Google Now voice commands kick Siri’s butt.

google_maps_incident_alertOur first stop for the day Locopops! (because we eat ice cream for lunch) I started with my command phrase,

“Ok Moto, get directions to Locopops”

Maps pulls up and as we begin, my Moto tells me:

“Alternate route ahead 11 minutes faster”

My nephew appears impressed, “How did she know that? Wait, let me see that phone!”

Happy to have impressed the child of iPhone users, I hand him my phone and tell him he’s now my first mate.

As we journeyed on, my Moto X continued to wow. It talked to us all the way to our favorite treat spot.

When there were incidents along our route, Google gave us an estimated time of delay. The smart part is it’ll search for other routes without you fumbling around while driving.  

By the end of our day my nephew proclaimed, “I like this better than Siri” adding “Siri isn’t good with directions, sometimes it takes us to the wrong place!”

And, we’ve got a believer folks!

Your wish is just a command away with Google Now voice control. Not only can you find the best routes for your trips with Google commands, you can check your email, set reminders for locations, and manage your calendar.  

Google eventually learns your habits and sends you helpful updates without a command. At the start of your day, it’ll notify you of the weather and how long it should take you to arrive to work. It knows if you have an upcoming trip and will remind you of flight times from the airport. It has learned that I like to take pictures and will recommend nearby photo spots I should check out. It learns you and learns how to help you out during your day!

If you’ve got a Moto X (2nd Gen.), you can take voice control to another level with the Moto app under the voice section. This option allows you to customize your greeting to anything you want like “Go go gadget!” You can control non-Google apps on your phone like Facebook and Spotify. You can send text messages, make calls, and watch videos with the Moto app. When you give a command that’s not a function of the Moto app it sends the message to Google to complete your request.Does_Android_Have_Siri

Your phone even knows when you’re driving and will read incoming texts aloud to you so you never have to lift a finger off the wheel. Pretty sweet!

Check out the video below to learn how to set up voice control in the Moto app and phone settings to enable Google services. Or, for a step-by-step guide, visit our Community Knowledge Center.

Once you’ve mastered Google Now voice commands – check our our HUGE list of commands to try out. There are even some surprise ones that gave us a chuckle.

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