How My Smartphone Makes Me a Better Mom

Hi everyone! MK from the Marketing Team here to kick off your work week.

I joined Republic Wireless in May of this year and lemme tell ya, one of the sweet perks of the job is a black or white 16GB Moto X. I got it on day 2 and immediately embarked on the proverbial iPhone to Android journey. The experience of switching operating systems has been surprisingly seamless, but I must admit I have been spoiled by the help of some of my fellow team members. If you’re new to Android, be sure to check out the Appy Tuesday and Moto for Mom video series on YouTube, as well as this doc in Community.

When I’m not at work, you can usually find me hanging with my self-proclaimed cooler-than-Freddie-Jackson-sippin-a-milkshake-in-a-snowstorm 5 year old son, my hubby and our two English Bulldogs.

I’m sure I’m no different than anyone else, but as a working mom, I find my smartphone plays an integral role in my life. Constant reminders help me to keep up with my work and my family calendars so I rarely miss a beat. Without my smartphone, I’m not sure I’d be able to successfully juggle the schedule of status meetings & launch dates with Wacky Wednesday costumes and swim lessons.

My favorite thing about my smartphone? It helps me to keep in touch with those who are most important to me. I may not be able to take my son to school in the morning, but my work-at-home husband sends me snippets of the morning drop off every day. The all-time best story was the first day little man walked down the long hallway to his Kindergarten classroom without dear ol’ Dad guiding the way. The hubs described it as, “He saw a couple of his buddies, screamed ‘C’mon guys, let’s go to class!’ and they walked down the long hallway with their little chicken legs and huge backpacks.” I love catching up on their stories as I’m walking into the office. Plus, keeping in touch with Grandmommy, Pop Pop, Nana and Grandaddy has never been easier. We simply hop on a Google hangout to chat face-to-face, even if we’re hundreds of miles away.

Being able to scour YouTube or run a quick search on Google is crucial when I get burning questions like, “Mom, I know the air is made up of stuff, but why can’t I feel it? Why? Why?” And with learning apps like Endless Alphabet, Hooked on Phonics and Einstein Math Academy, I have no qualms about letting him have daily screen time after school.

We’re pretty competitive here at Republic and usually have some sort of a fitness challenge going on. Right now, many of us are training for a 200 mile running relay from Raleigh, NC to Atlantic Beach, NC. To make sure I’m ready, I generally try and fit in a run either at lunch or early in the evening and use Strava to keep up with my stats and keep tabs on my coworkers’ progress.

When it comes time for bed, my handy-dandy Flashlight app keeps the monsters at bay for the little guy. Once he’s all settled in, I can catch up on tasks like updating his lunch money account via Google Wallet. At the end of it all, I try and find a few minutes to relax and peruse a few of my favorite interior design blogs or browse a little bit on houzz or pinterest.

After it’s all said and done, I set the alarm on my phone and get ready to do it all over again.

How does your smartphone help you get through the day?

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