How My Smartphone Makes Me A Better Sister

Pauline W. and her two sisters.

We play many roles throughout our life. One of the most important to me is being a big sister to my younger siblings: Lilly and Maggie. As much as I love being in college, the distance can often put a strain on this role. Believe it or not, my smartphone actually plays a vital part in keeping my sisters and I close.

With apps, such as Skype, I can video chat my sisters anytime I want right from my phone. It’s amazing being able to see their faces and hear their voices at the same time as if they were right here with me.

Getting silly selfies and Snapchats from my family and friends always make my day. With my phone at my side, I never miss a moment that they wanted to share with me.

Having various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram in the palm of my hand make it easy to stay connected and up to date on what my sisters are doing. My mom always shares videos of my sisters’ cheer competitions with me if I can’t attend. Lilly is a flyer and can do amazing stunts!

Google Calendar allows me to stay organized and make sure I never miss an opportunity to attend one of my sisters’ important events. My phone always notifies me, so I never forget about a single cheer competition or a girl scout cookie order deadline. (Peanut Butter Patties and Thin Mints. Yes Please.)

Overall, although my smartphone cannot replace actually being with my sisters, it certainly helps. What are your favorite apps that help you keep in touch with the people who matter most?

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