How to Get Free WiFi On the Go

What if we told you some of the most hated corporations in America were doing something awesome? For you. Like Darth Vader actually being a semi-good dude and at least giving you his WiFi password when you board the Death Star for interrogation (password is Ch3wbacCa).

Well it’s true. If you’re paying for Internet at home, you can get free WiFi on the go! We’ve found that 8 of the top 10 internet providers (MSOs by industry parlance) for Republic Wireless members offer free access to their WiFi networks outside the home. Purportedly these are secure and high quality networks maintained directly by the Internet providers or their partners.

Xfinity WiFi hotspots are everywhere!

Generally, to gain access you’ll have to subscribe to a certain provider’s home Internet service and then follow some simple instructions for setting up access. Take a look at our summary chart below to see if you’re with an able provider. If you’re not a subscriber to one of these services, check your provider’s website to see if they offer complimentary WiFi access — you might get lucky! For example Brighthouse, a large MSO outside our Top-10, is part of an industry consortium called CableWiFi that provides access to a collection of WiFi Hotspots. Other Republic members, like myself as a CenturyLink* subscriber, will need to be patient as this type of WiFi service becomes more prevalent across the industry.

While quality may vary from hotspot to hotspot or even by MSO, we believe these can be a valuable resource for connecting especially if you are approaching your data limit. And for our $10 voice & text only plan members, or our members trying to maximize refunds on our new Republic Refund plans, these WiFi hotspots are truly an awesome discovery. Regardless of whether or not you’re a Republic member, if you’re already paying for one of these Internet services, why not take some value with you while you’re out and about? Tell us about your experience with each of these providers’ mobile WiFi in the comments. We’re curious to see what people think!

WiFi Login instructions and App downloads

Comcast Xfinity logo with red text and white background
Comcast Xfinity WiFi instructions
Time Warner Cable logo with white background and blue text
Time Warner Cable WiFi instructions
Fios by Verizon logo black text on white background with red check mark
Verizon FiOS WiFi instructions
Comcast Xfinity WiFi locator app logo with red background, white text, and white WiFi symbol
Comcast Xfinity app download
Time Warner Cable WiFi Finder app logo with blue background and gray text
Time Warner Cable app download
Verizon WiFi Connect app logo red background with white wifi signal
Verizon FiOS instructions
AT&T U-verse logo black text on white background
AT&T WiFi instructions
Cox Communications logo white background with blue text
Cox Communications WiFi instructions
Cable Vision Optimum logo white background with black text and yellow punctuation
Cable Vision (Optimum ) WiFi instructions
AT&T Smart WiFi app logo yellow star with white wifi signal in a blue speech bubble
AT&T app download
Cox Mobile Connect app logo with blue background and white cartoon character giving a thumbs up
Cox app download
Optimum WiFi Hotspot Finder app logo with purple background, white letter O and yellow punctuation
Optimum app download
Charter Spectrum logo with white background and gray and blue text
Spectrum WiFi instructions**
Frontier WiFi logo white background with red text
Frontier WiFi instructions**

*CenturyLink does not have hotspots or an app available.

**Spectrum and Frontier do not currently have apps available


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3 thoughts on “How to Get Free WiFi On the Go”

  1. Verizon subscribers – no luck today. The links above refer to Verizon pages that describe how customers can connect to their hotspots using a PC or Mac. Currently, Android devices (Republic phones, Kindles, tablets, etc) have no connectivity.

    This from Verizon live chat:
    Srinivasa(16:50:08): At
    this moment, this feature is only available for Windows Laptops. It may
    be offered for other devices like Android devices in future as Verizon
    always looks to improve its customer experience.

    I never seem to locate a Verizon hotspot anyway. It’s always Cox or Xfinity! And I wish they wouldn’t keep popping up on my screen all the time anyway.

  2. I turned my home router’s xfinitywifi hotspot off, because my RW phone kept preferring it, despite attempts to set my actual home network as preferred. If setting preferred networks worked reliably, it’d be less annoying. But still, my phone sometimes hops on my neighbor’s xfinitywifi network and stays on it when I go into my house. Forgetting xfinitywifi causes its login screen to interrupt what I’m doing. I like RW less because of the free hotspots.

  3. I’m using TWC internet service recently and the first time I access the network using my phone and there will be a free trial period for it, but I should go some complicated process to get the code. If you have no idea to choose which provider and just go abroad or travel to some places where provide the free WiFi, you can try a small tool to get your other devices connected:

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