How to Save Big Using WiFi

WiFi is out there (47.7 million open hotspots and growing to be exact) – just waiting to be tapped into for calls, texts, apps, Internet, and saving you moolah! Everyone uses lots of data. How Republic helps you stay smarter and save money is by unlocking more chances to use that data on WiFi! Take a look:

WifiGraphSee all those green lines? That’s opportunity to stay connected and save. We’re making sniffing out available WiFi easier too. If you haven’t yet, check out our new powerful new Republic app. In addition to our app, we’re also excited to unveil…

Our awesome new WiFi Smarts Page!

Chock full of video walk-throughs and step-by-step tutorials, our WiFi Smarts page has tips and tricks for any type of smartphone user. And did we mention it’s easy?! There is no wrong way to stay connected. A swipe here and a toggle there could be all you need to optimize your phone for more coverage and more savings!

vid walkthrus

We are here to help you offload as much cell data to affordable WiFi as much as possible! Come see.

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3 thoughts on “How to Save Big Using WiFi”

  1. Wi-fi is definitely everywhere in the big cities; however, no so when it comes to little towns that you drive thru, don’t blink twice or you have missed it! The broadband is slowly catching up to those little towns. The figure you come up with is all over the world, not necessarily in the US. Since you only serve people within the US, you should only figure how many wi-fi hotspots there are in the US because that is where your market is at.

    1. Yes and No Jamie, While I am a republic member and only can be here in the US I love the fact that I am because when I go to Europe I can still call home when at a hotel or hostel using their WIFI and I don’t have to pay more or buy a special phone.

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