How to Time Big Purchases for Maximum Savings


2018 is flying by and we’re heading into the biggest shopping season of the year. During the holiday shopping season, you can find great gifts for friends and family along with some nice deals for yourself. However, it’s important to consider what items you should buy during the holidays and which you should put on hold until there’s a better deal.

We’ve put together a list of the best times of year to find a great deal on furniture, electronics, cars, and more.

Home Appliances

January, September, October
Major holidays are the perfect time of year to make home appliance purchases. Labor day, memorial day, President’s day, and Black Friday all offer discounts for major appliances.

New models are released by manufacturers in January, September, and October. If you buy on the last day of the month before new models arrive, you’re likely to find a great deal.


February, September, November
The best time to buy electronics can vary depending on the type of product you’re looking for. For instance, you can find great deals on cameras in February due to new models being released and President’s Day sales. Computers, on the other hand, have the best discounts during the back-to-school season in September.

Of course, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in November are a catch-all for most electronics you’re looking to purchase. TV’s, computers, tablets, and cameras can all be found at outstanding prices during this time.


July, August
Furniture sales are low in the summer months and new furniture styles typically come out in August. Retailers start to discount their inventory in July to make space for the new styles, making it the optimal time to purchase new indoor furniture. You can find discounts on furniture during the spring and the end of the year as well. If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, try shopping around in August.


May, October – December
Purchasing a new car can be daunting. There are a few times of year that are best for buying a new car. New year’s eve and day are prime days to go car shopping. The car dealerships don’t close their December sales quota out until the second of January, so dealers will have special promotions during this time.

Memorial Day weekend is another holiday where you can find special offers at car dealerships. Car manufacturers often have finance deals during this period that can help you save in the long run.

In October, dealerships start promotions to make room for new car models. The deals only get better from there for the remainder of the year, November and December will also have major deals on last year’s car models to prepare for end of year sales goals.

What items are you looking to purchase this holiday season?


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