Introducing Motorola’s Latest Phone – Moto G⁵ Plus

There’s a brand new phone available at Republic: the Moto G⁵ Plus! I had the opportunity to test drive this phone, and it was fantastic. Note: This is coming from a self-proclaimed iPhone lover. The performance of this phone is outstanding, and it’s very snappy. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes this phone so great.


My favorite physical feature about this phone is the soft metal design. It looks amazing! It certainly feels premium, like a $500 phone.

Front and back view of the new Moto G⁵ Plus
The operating system is unique and easy to use. It reminds me of using an iPhone because the user experience is simple and clean; the icons aren’t distracting, and it’s easy to navigate through different apps. This phone is definitely perfect for day-to-day use.

I also really like the display on this phone. It’s very bright and crisp, and will accurately show quality images and videos. As you can see in the picture above, it even has a fingerprint sensor that allows you to unlock the phone quickly and easily with just the tap of your finger. But it isn’t just any ordinary fingerprint sensor.

The Moto G⁵ Plus has a few tricks that make navigating the device easier than ever before!

In the Moto app (which comes pre-installed on the phone), you can  hide the back, home, and recent buttons and turn on “One button navigation.” This lets you use the fingerprint sensor to navigate through the phone. Swiping left will trigger the back function, and swiping right will show all your recently opened apps. The sensor itself is your home button. If you find navigating the phone like this doesn’t suit you, you can always turn the familiar buttons back on.

General Specs

The Moto G⁵ Plus comes with either 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage. Both models can support up to 128GB of external storage, so you’ll have plenty of storage space for your photos, videos, and apps.

Both models of the phone have a dependable amount of RAM. RAM is the memory that your phone uses to store running programs and program data. The 32 GB model has 2 GB of RAM, which is plenty to cover your day-to-day needs with calls, messaging, and apps. The 64 GB has a powerful 4 GB of RAM, which makes it a nice option if you do a lot of gaming, watch a lot of videos, or run multiple apps at once. It’s also a reliable option if you spend time multitasking on your phone.

The Moto G⁵ Plus comes preinstalled with Android 7.0, also known as Nougat, which includes awesome features like the ability to reply directly from the notification screen and new emojis. Be sure to check out our detailed list of all the great things Android Nougat brings to the table! And, like all of the phones available at Republic, the Moto G⁵ Plus can access fast, nationwide 4G LTE so that you can stay connected no matter where you are.


On par with previous Moto G models, the Moto G⁵ Plus has a solid, reliable rear camera. In daylight, it takes very bright photos, and the camera is comparable to other mid-tier smartphones. Check out some of my photos below!

My dog Cofax hanging out after a walk


Playing frisbee on a beautiful, sunny day!


The rear camera has a dual-LED flash and dual autofocus pixels, so the camera will focus 60% faster than the Moto G⁴ Plus, making it easier for you to capture those in-the-moment shots. The front camera has a display flash so your selfies will be extra radiant!

The camera on the Moto G⁵ Plus will be a noticeable upgrade from phones like the Nexus 5X, the Moto X Pure, and previous phones in the Moto G line.


The battery on this phone has been outstanding! I send a lot of emails each day and use both texting and messaging apps. I also tend to keep multiple apps running in the background all day. On average,

I’ve been getting up to 2 days of battery life without cutting back on my usage.

It’s been good for taking photos and watching the occasional YouTube video.It’s been good for taking photos and watching the occasional YouTube video.

Bottom line

I would definitely recommend the Moto G⁵ Plus to my friends and family. It’s perfect for everyday use!

Whether you are on-the-go or at home, you can easily stay connected.

It has all the essentials, and you can use your existing accessories (like the micro USB charger, standard micro SD card, and headphones). The metal design and the unique launcher really set it apart from the rest of the Moto G family and makes it an exceptional phone, available at a price that won’t break the bank.

Check out our Moto G⁵ Plus unboxing video!

Feel free to drop any questions or comments below!


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37 thoughts on “Introducing Motorola’s Latest Phone – Moto G⁵ Plus”

    1. I love my Moto X Pure. My son hated his until Republic swapped it out for the right network in his area (GSM vs CDMA). If mobile data is your issue, give RW a holler.

      1. Thanks Rich. I wish it was that simple. Data works fine for me.

        The issues are, for a “surfboard phone,” it’s the weakest in its class:

        Battery life is awful. I’m an EXTREMELY light user, no social media apps or whatever, and after 9 months of ownership, it’s done by 5 pm with one, maybe two texts the entire day, nothing more. I clear apps after I’m done with them too. I’ve tried every trick I know. I had a LG for three years and even when I got rid of it for this one, it was still able to crank out 18 hours of usage before a recharge.

        Single worst phone camera I’ve ever seen in terms of PQ and features. I had to buy TPA camera software to get functionality up to par, the PQ is still far below anything made by LG, for example.

        I hate the childish cartoon-y look to its OS. I’m middle-aged, not 9 years old.

        Stock screen resolution was horrible – required buying TPA launcher to get the resolution right so I could fit more than a few icons on one screen.

        Not sure if Moto or Android v6, but the ‘do not disturb/priority/interruptions’ functionality is a mind-bending mess to figure out. Until about three weeks ago, I just had the stupid thing set to silent all the time because figuring out its counterintuitive and byzantine terms and menus required a PhD to understand.

        A zilliion other things I’ve posted elsewhere. I’m not making payments on this thing, so I could dump it at anytime, but I feel compelled to try to get two years out of it before pitching it forever. Worst phone I’ve ever had. Which is odd, because the best flip phone I ever had was a Moto Razr from about 8 years ago, which is why I’m interested to see if the G5 is back to what I once believed was Motorola quality. So I’ll keep reading about this one.

        Republic Wireless of course is the single best carrier in the business, hands down. No complaints there whatsoever.

        1. Hi @disqus_TaL8vUDG1v:disqus, sorry to hear you’re not happy with your Moto X Pure. But also stoked to hear that you’re satisfied with your service. I actually have a Pure as well and haven’t had the battery issues you’ve mentioned. I did however damage my phone 🙁 While I was working through my damage issue, one of the techs here advised me not to close out all “recent apps” windows. He said the new updates should not drain your battery by keeping those windows open.

          If you go to your settings and open up “Battery” there will be a list that shows what’s using the most battery life. How’s your cell signal during the day?

          1. I’ve had similar issues with battery. Mine was still under warranty so I was able to get it replacement from Motorola. I just got my replacement yesterday, let’s see if the battery problems crop up again on the “new” unit.

          2. Hi @disqus_EVX2vp6RVa:disqus, Hopefully you won’t have the same issue again (fingers crossed). If you find yourself roaming a lot that can drain your battery life as well, but if you connect to WiFi and put your phone in airplane mode you can still make calls and avoid the battery drain.

          3. Yeah, let’s hope so. No roaming at all. will try Airplane mode trick though. Thanks.

  1. I have a Moto X first gen which still works fine except the battery is pretty well dead after about 8 hours of very light use. Can I swap out the SIM card on the Moto G⁵ Plus if I want to? Does Republic have a phone with dual SIM cards?

    1. I too still use my reliable, tried & true Moto X. I bought it the year it came out. In that time Republic Wireless has truly gotten better. For me I will save my money on a new phone, continue saving my money by sticking with Republic Wireless and just recharge every night at bedtime. NO BIGGIE!!

    1. I am right there with you. Was so excited when I heard about this phone. But no NFC, ugh. I have been waiting for an affordable phone from Moto with NFC for 3 years. I thought this would be it. BTW NFC is only absent on the USA version of this phone. Go figure.

        1. NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a technology that allows devices to exchange information simply by placing them next to one another. … Smartphones use NFC to pass photos, contacts, or any other data you specify between NFC enabled handsets.

    2. Same here. Lack of NFC and loss of [unused data] refund plan break the deal for me. I/we continue using two Moto X (1st Gen) with refund plans (and Beta member discount).

    1. Hi Martha! You can definitely put music on both the G4 and the G5 Plus. If you keep your music on your computer, you can transfer the music to your phone by using a USB cord. You can also use an SD card and upload the music to that. You might also consider an app like Spotify!

  2. I am considering purchasing the new G5, but am concerned about coverage.

    The G5 supports CDMA and GSM, if Republic assigns me GSM and the coverage out in the hinterlands where I work is unacceptable, can it be quickly changed to CDMA in time to test it before the 14 day return window closes?

    1. Yup! This is something we can definitely help out with. If you find the coverage is poor, all you need to do is let our Help team know and they’ll work with you to set things straight 🙂

  3. I got this exact phone last week and I’m still playin’ with it. This is ssooo much better – and bigger! – than my old G2. The microUSB charger charges it right up in less than an hour, too! Instead of waiting for hours to charge up the old phone, usually while I was sleeping.

    About the only thing I’d wish for is NFC. I got the G5+ with a 1 GB plan – still only $20! – but I’m around wi-fi at home and work almost all the time. I love the rebate for the data I don’t use! Very happy with this phone.

    1. Hey Gary – hate to disappoint you, but there will be no more data rebates. That will be the one thing you do miss from your G2!

      1. I have been noticing that Republic’s been increasing its prices and fees in one way or another. Discontinuing the rebate wouldn’t surprise me. Still, $20 a month for unlimited calling, text, and a GB of data is quite a lot less than with any other carrier. After eight years, I’m glad I told Sprint to take a hike.

    1. Yes! You can use GPS with this phone. It is pretty straightforward to use, and we are of course always happy to help you learn. What kind of phone do you have right now? What are the most important things for the phone to do?

  4. For those that rely on their phone as a primary camera, how much of a deal-breaker is this mid-tier camera? I don’t care about selfies/rear camera only but would like a better camera when upgrading from my Samsung Galaxy S3. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi there! The mid-tier phones perform pretty well as far as the camera is concerned. They’ve definitely come a long way in the past few years! Looking at the specs between the Galaxy S3 and the Moto G5 Plus, the G5 Plus would be a very nice upgrade camera-wise. Since the S3 is so dated, every aspect of the G5 Plus looks better – like the higher megapixel camera for sharper images and a dual LED flash for brighter colors.

    2. I have an old 5GP Kodak camera I spent just over $100 on several years ago. The smartphone cameras are making the standalone cameras obsolete. A stripped down Moto G5 Plus with the 12GP camera is just $229, and also has the 5GP front “selfie” camera. And I believe you can also use a microSD card up to 128GB, and two different SIM cards.

  5. Looking for a phone. Prob get Motorola I have Moto x now but screen broken and charge port almost worn out. (Had about 2 yrs now)
    I use GPS lots and use pH to enter my prospects info into a CRM. Do you have a recommendation.

  6. Can I bring a clean unlocked -new- MotoG 5 Plus that I bought from Amazon, and use it on RW service? I’m still Grandfathered at $25/mo unlimited voice and data.

  7. I have the .5 GB plan now on my Moto X 2nd Gen. Want to upgrade to the G5+. It seems I have to purchase a new plan with the purchase of the G5+. Is there a way around that?

  8. Republic sent me a free Moto G 5 plus. It’s a nice phone, but I have a Moto X pure that I’m very happy with. Is there any advantage to switching to the G from the X?

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