Introducing Republic Labs

Think Tank, Community, the Ambassador program – all instances where our members directly help shape the future of our company. We wouldn’t be here without our members – the people who know, just like we do, that there has to be a better way to stay connected. That’s why we launched our service in BETA. To listen, learn with conviction, and always be better. We actively seek out feedback and invite co-creation. And, we’re doing it again…

Today, we’re proud to introduce Republic Labs – a new initiative designed to even more directly involve our members in the development of future products and features. We are beyond lucky to have such active, amazing members. The stories you share with us every day heavily influence the projects we tackle and help inform where we should invest research and development efforts next.


If helping test new Republic tech, participating in exclusive BETA projects, and having direct input into the Product and Development teams’ road maps all sound like a dream come true, then break out your lab coat, Republic Labs is officially open and ready for you to join.

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