January & February: What’s New and What’s in the Works

As before we’ll start with an update on how our rollout of Lollipop to capable devices is going.  We’ve been providing timely updates here and below is a summary of where things stand:

In addition to the Lollipop updates, our office is bustling with activity and we’ve focused our priorities on a couple of big projects we’ve given voice too here in the past.  Namely the launch of a new device, a new network, a new calling technology and a new way to finance your device.  Phew, that’s a lot and we’re excited to reveal these new items to you in the upcoming months.  This focus has caused certain projects we’ve outlined here in the past to be put on hold for future evaluation and we’ve transparently shown these at the bottom of the below listing.

New in January & February

Phone & Service Related:

  • Moto X (1st Gen.) update for Lollipop
  • Launched a new Accessories Promotion for OtterBox Cases
  • Launched a new Account Portal
  • Upgraded our Community

In-Progress Items to Improve your Experience:

(due to the more complex nature of these items, no official timing is set nor is delivery guaranteed, but they are being worked on regularly):

Smaller Scope Items:

  • MMS Interoperability with Cricket
  • New Shipping Options

Larger Scope Items:

  • Enhanced WiFi Calling
  • Multi-Device Experience
  • Next Generation Device
  • Multiple Cellular Carrier Experience
  • Android Lollipop 5.1 Moto E (1st Gen.) & update for Moto E (2nd Gen.)
  • Consumer Financing for Devices

Items on hold or removed:

  • Next Generation Data Saver Mode (previously named Background Data Suppression Tool)
  • Gifting/Purchase without Plan Selection in our RW Store
  • WiFi Manager Improvements

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16 thoughts on “January & February: What’s New and What’s in the Works”

  1. Wbhat is the status with Moto X 2nd Generation? That’s presumably the top phone you offer and there is little communication on it.

  2. Please introduce a new phone with the ability to add SD card. The Moto X that I have does not allow me to do much of anything. No, I do not want to pay $100 or more extra for a 32 gb phone. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

    1. If they introduce the Motorola Pure than it has an SD card and you could get the 16gb version than buy an SD card for all your photos and video if you direct them to be stored on the SD card you should not run out of room.

  3. I’m anxiously awaiting a new phone to replace my 1st gen Moto X. I didn’t have money saved up for the 2nd gen Moto X and now it’s gone. I want a bigger screen and more storage, ability to upgrade to Marshmallow, and an SD card would be great too. The Moto X 2nd gen was perfect. I’d go for the Moto X Pure Edition, why can’t you get that? I get that you’re working on this, but if it’s going to take another 6 months, can’t you try a bit harder to get another Moto or something that’s not as problematic?

    1. Agreed they have been very slow at producing another upper end phone. They should of put out the new phone about the same time the 2nd Gen Moto X ran out.

    2. I recently just ended my service and joined Ting. Now I’m using my Nexus 6P with LTE capabilities and I pay for only what I use of data, voice, and texts. Sorry Republic but just as I was about to buy a 2nd gen moto x you were sold out of all the moto maker options.

      But thank you because I have better everything now that I’ve moved on. You have a great business here but you need to adapt to compete with the many other enticing options out there. Including Ting which I have and Google Fi. I would get Fi if I had a regular google account and not a Google for Work account.

  4. I’d have to agree with bno.
    I just barely missed out on a purchase of the $250 moto X.
    Not sure if I’m willing to pay much more than that for a new generation so I might have to opt for one of the more budget friendly phones.

  5. I can’t wait to see what the new phones will be! I loved the Moto X 1st Gen but the 2nd gen was horrible! Love the financing idea!!

  6. I thought it was going to be like Christmas, then it was because they were busy getting Lollipop through some lab or something for their existing phones, yet here it is, late March, and not only is there no new top end phone, no Moto Style or Moto Pure, but they’ve even dropped Moto X altogether. It’s not like I’ve been hanging on and waiting to downgrade to Moto E or G. A phone company/phone service/phone plan at RW rates is great, really competitive, but not if you have to use a Jitterbug to take advantage of their great phone rate with their decent data plan. If somebody found a way to sell people cable TV for 60% the going rate, it probably wouldn’t make sense for them to restrict people to only watching their cable on 12 inch black and white TVs. But give people the big HD flat screens they are willing to pay for, and they just might like signing up for your cable plan.
    How about a cheap low end phone, almost a give-away for anybody willing to sign up with the service, but then if they give that phone to somebody else who signs up for a RW plan, then they get a big rebate on their own upgrade to a really top flight RW phone. Then many of each old customer upgrading would be out with their old phone trying to recruit a new customer. Who in turn might look to upgrade and then go recruit another customer for their big rebate on the cost of their upgrade, and so on. Expand the base, while keeping old customers happy with a new top flight phone.

  7. Can you figure out how to get me a phone small enough to fit in my pocket? maybe an old fashioned flip-phone like device?

  8. We’re excited about what’s to come, and are anxious to offer new phones for you. We can’t say what’s coming (legal). We can’t say exactly when (math). But we can say it’s a top priority for sure!

    1. You may be excited about what’s to come, but it is hard for us to share your excitement as all we hear from you is YOUR excitement. You know what is to come but all we hear about is YOUR excitement and that it is coming SOMETIME and you can’t tell us anything about it except that you are excited and it is big. Oh, and legal won’t let you tell us. That just doesn’t cut it when our Moto X 1st gen is having issues and we need a new phone NOW! What are we supposed to do? YOUR excitement doesn’t help OUR PHONE WORK.

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