January Republic Recap: What’s New and What’s in the Works


January ended with some great industry news.  Both Google and Cablevision finally accepted our invitation to the WiFi dance party, albeit 3 ½ years late, and we’re excited to see them deliver value to consumers and disruption to traditional wireless carriers.  May the WiFi be with them and also with us.

We’ve been busy during this long and cold month, most notably delivering Android 4.4.4 to our Moto G and Moto E devices with Moto X coming shortly thereafter in February.  While Android 4.4.4 is arguably a ho-hum update, the more exciting news is that this unlocks our wizards to start on Android L which is apparently magical and might pay for your kid’s college (hit Google up on that).

New in January:


Jan_Recap_v1-androidupdate Android 4.4.4 for Moto G & Moto E Devices E’s were already on 4.4.4, but the update provides a security patch. Moto X’s 4.4.4 will occur in Feb.

Jan_Recap_v1-app updateRepublic Wireless App Update ( More Stability Improvements, Data Usage View Improvements


In-Progress Items that will Improve your Experience:



Device Trade-In Trial Program (limited scope with a third party)


‘Refresh Button’ in the Republic App (aka *#*#8647#*#*)

“Blacklist” capability for Open WiFi Prompts
Improvements to automatic authentication on WiFi

WiFi Sharing (ability to share credentials between devices & members)


Web-Based Calling (make and receive calls & texts from a browser)


Email to SMS (see link)


Android L update for Moto X (1st & 2nd Gen), Moto G and Moto E


New Customer Stats
in the Republic App


Email Notifications prior to Billing


Data Saver Functionality in the Republic App


Emoji capability (all devices except Motorola DEFY XT)

 P.S. The Think Tank is a great spot to participate and get product related updates.


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5 thoughts on “January Republic Recap: What’s New and What’s in the Works”

  1. I haven’t seen anything in Lollipop that I’m looking forward to. I’m already disliking the Google apps that have been updated with material design.

  2. Back to 100MB roaming, make that the hard cap rather than the pathetic 25MB. The roaming is what got me on RW with all its Wi-Fi flaws (still). If RW claims to not be able to handle the few customers that consistently went over 100MB, don’t let anyone go over 100MB; the change to 25MB hard cap does not follow your reasoning, save for profits.

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