Stories: Why Jeff a D.I.Y Guy Chooses Republic Wireless

From finance blogging to flipping homes, Jeff knows how to save money where it counts. With service from Republic Wireless, he’s built a plan that fits his life and his budget.

Republic Wireless member Jeff

A Do-It-Yourself Guy

A part-time real estate investor, Jeff started buying and flipping homes a couple years ago. For his first project, he renovated a home previously owned by a 92-year-old woman that hadn’t been updated since the 1980’s.

“I opened up the main living spaces and redid the bathroom and kitchen to make them look more updated,” he said. “As I was doing all that I realized I really enjoyed it, so I’ve continued to do that over the last couple years.”

Republic Wireless member Jeff's home project

Jeff is attracted to older, craftsmen style homes because they present a few interesting challenges — like 100-year-old pipes and wiring to name a few. Jeff embraced these challenges, learning more about home renovation with each project.

“My favorite part is the problem-solving aspect. My second favorite part is seeing the finished product.”

In many ways, Jeff has seen similarities between renovating homes and being a Republic member. As a Do-It-Yourself kind of guy, he also likes having a DIY kind of cell service.

“You can pick what you want and you don’t end up with more than you need,” he said. “If you keep track of it, it ends up being better than an out of the box solution that certain carriers will offer.”

In addition, a lower phone bill has helped Jeff add the finishing touches on his renovation projects. In place of linoleum or vinyl, he can spend a little extra money on finished ceramic tile.

“With the savings, I’ve had over the last several years, I’ve been able to add nicer touches in areas like the kitchen and the bathroom.”

Savvy with Savings

Jeff has saved money other ways as well, including riding his bike everywhere — no matter the weather. He previously managed Sustainable Life Blog, a personal finance blog about living frugally and sustainably.

“When I finished grad school I had a lot of student loan debt,” he said. “There were a lot of financial blogs already, but I started writing my own just to keep myself accountable.”

While he managed Sustainable Life Blog, Jeff met a few members of the Republic Wireless team at FinCon, a conference for financial bloggers. Although he sold the blog, he still has advice for anyone looking to save some money.

“Figure out what you actually need and don’t pay for anything more,” he said. “A lot of the time, [people are] on WiFi in their office, their parent’s house, or their own homes and they don’t use cell data.

“There’s an opportunity to save a whole lot of money if you can figure out exactly what you need and then pay for only that and no more.”

Original Beta Member

As one of our oldest members, Jeff has seen Republic through multiple plan changes and phone launches. With the launch of Republic 3.0, he upgraded to the Nexus 6P and 2GB Clear Choice Plan.

“It’s really nice to see all the phone options that are available,” he said. “[Republic] getting bigger, offering more options, and more phones would be awesome.”

Republic Wireless member Jeff uses service on trip

During his five years as a member, Jeff referred a handful of people to our service. For him, the savings and service just make sense. ♥

“I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t do it. The service to me is a no-brainer.”

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