How Much Data Do I Need?

When we talk to people who are considering Republic Wireless, one of the top questions we get is, “how much data do I need?” Trying to determine how much data you need can be tricky, especially in a world where carriers are trying to sell you on the myth of unlimited plans. The fact is, an unlimited data plan is an expensive insurance policy – one that the other carriers are hoping you’ll buy. The average cell phone user on an unlimited plan is paying for almost 18GB of unused data! Just think what you could do with all that extra money!

With widespread publicly available WiFi and some savvy data-saving skills, most users don’t need this one-size-fits-all plan. In fact, the Republic Wireless community is so savvy that our average member uses less than 1GB each month.

So, what exactly are they getting for that 1GB each month? How much is 1GB of data? What actually contributes to data usage and what does it mean for you? How far can you go with 1GB of data? Let’s take a look:

Action performed on your smartphone: 100MB of on-network cellular data gets you:0.5GB (500 MB) of on-network cellular data gets you:1GB of on-network cellular data gets you:
Emails sent/received with attachments during your power lunch 1,200 emails (that’s a lot of meeting invites!)5,900 emails (someone's popular...)11,600 emails (dude...get a computer)
Streaming your favorite jams on Spotify 3 hours of music streaming (enough for work and back and a few errands too if you like) 18 hours of music streaming (enough for every Fleetwood Mac song ever released)34 hours of music streaming (maybe it's time to host a dance marathon?)
Surfing the Web (do the kids still say surfing?)6 hours of web-surfing (knowledge is power!)35 hours of web-surfing (you can take those Buzzfeed quizzes every day and still not run out of data!)70 hours of web-surfing (put down the Reddit!)
Updating your status on Facebook with photos
300 posts (of every meal you eat for an entire month. What more could anyone ask for!?)1500 posts w/ pictures (the holidays are right around the corner!) 3000 posts (perfect for any Facebook-using parents of small babies and children).
Streaming YouTube or Netflix 30 min of standard video (learn how to install a tile backsplash!) 2 hours of standard video (the full length of The Graduate - and more)4 hours of standard video (make it a double feature)
Downloading apps/games from Google Play 25 downloads (you can get Angry Birds, Star Wars Angry Birds, Star Wars Angry Birds II, and Angry Birds Rio!)125 downloads (yep, there's an app for that.) 250 downloads (your nickname is officially “Swiss Army Knife” with all those apps.)
GPS (varies per app – click for a helpful tip)About 5.5 MB per 1 hour trip x 100 MB = 18 hours (you could go visit grandma!)About 5.5 MB per 1 hour trip x 500 MB = 91 hours (you could go visit grandma...a lot!)About 5.5 MB per 1 hour trip x 1,000 MB = 182 hours (um, we don’t know where you’re trying to go, but you won't have any trouble finding your way back!)

You can get a lot more out of 1GB or even 500MB than I initially thought – especially by following some super simple data-saving tips, like limiting your cellular use on common apps and setting your apps to only update over WiFi rather than over cell.  I hope this chart helps you see just how much you can do with just 1GB of data, so you can join the rest of the Republic Wireless community and save money by not having a pricy unlimited plan. Remember, you can always use your Republic app to add cell data on demand whenever you want and track your usage.

Get a super flexible plan at super affordable prices at Republic Wireless with data at just $5 per GB! Click below to shop plans.

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38 thoughts on “How Much Data Do I Need?”

    1. That is only the lowest cost plan, they go up from there. This plan is $15. That’s really quite a bit for only $15.

  1. My activity is way below that, why is my usage above 1GB? Two highest usage apps are music and facebook. I followed all the tutorials to set my apps to reduce usage, low quality and no autoplay videos. 20 mins a day = 10 hours per month. Not even close to your estimates.

  2. The numbers here are hilarious… Since when can you download 25 apps for 100 megs… Take a look at the average size of apps and you will find the avg size is between 20-80megs… so the number here should be between 1-4 apps on average. What “25” apps do you download that are 4megs or less each?

  3. lol and lol this is what i get for free on freedompop plus if i add friends i get like 2.5gb of data free get real , and that estimate of data you give well you know what they say a picture is worth a thousand words

  4. Google maps offline isn’t very useful since it only downloads a small area at a time. HERE is a much better app for offline navigation. I often use WAZE on cell data–it uses less than 2.5MB per hour.

  5. So I can stream Spotify 10 days per month during my commute… and nothing else. Such a generous allowance.

    Also, the smallest Angry Birds game is about 45mb. The newer ones are up past 80mb.

    1. Yep. I was going to join but decided not to, and will be pulling my wife off if i need to get her data Not really recommended anymore to anyone who wants to use some data, its good for the Unlimited Talk and Text for $10

      1. The talk and text is fine, but sometimes I use data, not often, in fact I am usually one of those people with CRAZY offload to wifi. But occasionally I actually use data out in the field. Now I have to prepay for too much data just to have it refunded the next month. MetroPCS actually has Unlimited Talk, Text and Data for the price we pay Republic now. We will eventually be making the switch, unlimited data is worth it, even if it is 2g speeds after the first GB.

        1. Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to look at that. Yea the switch that Republic Wireless made them like everyone else. It was a good run

  6. I probably don’t come close to 34 hours of streaming on spotify, but I easily hit 3gig on the app alone per month. this is so off

  7. So I’m thinking I shouldn’t go to this Republic phone service because all the folks who posted replies say this is false advertising. I’ll just stick with my flip-phone pay as you go with Virgin wireless………….who needs the hassle of fancy phones and apps???

  8. This is the real reason they went with the new plan. You get positively screwed on your data. The old plan I got up to 5 GB for $25. While as yet I have yet to hit that it was there if I needed it, now for the same money I get 2.5 GB and it’s a deal? My wife is on the new plan but has found she can rarely use her data when she needs it and call quality has gone to hell. We are shifting to another carrier.

      1. I personally went to T-mobile a few months after hearing about the new plans. They have a prepaid plan for $30 with 5GB, unlimited text and only 100 minutes. Eh, I don’t talk much. Oh, plus music freedom. Wasn’t too shabby.

      2. We are looking at StraightTalk. We are going to purchase UNLOCKED Moto G gen 3 phones direct from Motorola. My daughter has been with StraightTalk for a few years now and is very happy with their service and reliablity. She never felt taken advantage by them or that they had pulled a fast one on her as many RW users have with these new plans. It may cost more but I like actually being able to use my phone as a decent quality phone.

        1. Careful. I switched from StraightTalk to RW because they were cutting off my data completely each month claiming “excessive usage”… I think they lost a class action lawsuit since they advertised unlimited data and capped people at 1.5gb by saying anything beyond that wwas just against their terms of service. It was ridiculous.

          I am staying with Republic till they force me to do the new plan. Then I am switching to something that gives me at least 5gb/mo. I use +/-10gb WiFi and 3.5gb cell each month with the occasional 5+gb and don’t want to pay overages

  9. You can’t make 1GB sound like a good thing, no matter what color lipstick you put on that pig. Suddenly the Republic Logo above — the green box with the stress lines around it — looks like a frownie face and I can’t unsee it.

  10. Suddenly the Republic Logo above — the green box with the stress lines around it — looks like a frownie face and I can’t unsee it.

  11. Hm. Alright, using Republic Wireless’ own, um, optimistic numbers here, stretched over thirty days, between just these seven activities, for 1GB per month, on average you get:

    Fifty-five emails per day; and

    9 minutes and 43 seconds of music; and

    20 minutes of web surfing; and

    14 Facebook posts; and

    1 minute and 4 seconds of video; and

    1.2 downloads; and

    52 minutes of driving.

    Not bad if you can do without streaming. But don’t do anything else online. Don’t Skype, don’t actually use any of those apps you downloaded, don’t play games, don’t Instagram, and for God’s sake don’t watch Youtube.

    Turn that frownie face upside down!

  12. I’m turning mine into a $10 Unlimited Talk & Text only line next summer and activating another line on Cricket for myself.

    This is a fail, Republic. Now I get to go BACK to two phones, and your’s will be the less useful of the two…

  13. I guess they don’t understand that this single switch, one which I’m not even impacted by because of my low data usage, has turned them from a company I was proud to support and recommend to others into one where I am simply paying the bill until a better deal comes along. Freedompop and RingPlus were of no interest at all until this whole mess. I might not use the data but to go from unlimited to ONE STINKING GIGABYTE and try to call it an upgrade?

    I can only assume that Republic was in some sort of dire financial bind that caused them to try and cash in like this. It’s a shame they thought they could flat out lie to their loyal customers in their quest to raise cash.

    1. Have you thought of T-Mobile lately? Not trying to preach, but I find their plans much more attractive now than RW. Their coverage has expanded quite a bit in my state too. Always a bonus.

      That or one of the other MNVO like Cricket, MetroPCS (newly revamped plans) or Virgin.

  14. This was a horrible switch!! Republic was supposed to be innovative, different from the other guys! I don’t see the difference any more. And it may now be more worthwhile to check the other guys out. So disappointed Republic 🙁

  15. Ok. You are not factoring in sync. Google and everything going would kill a gig just setting phone up. You would have to totally be around wifi or nervous to find it. I need unlimited and pay for that convenience. ..

  16. Let’s see. Music streaming: 0 GB
    Netflix: 0 GB
    All others: Varies

    How did I get these numbers? Simple. T-Mobile. Music freedom and BingeOn have made my usage take a nose dive.

    Yeah, I switched and haven’t looked back.

  17. If you don’t use data (seems like you don’t since you’re on a flip), then Republic is actually very good. But if you’re content, then why switch?

  18. Last month I used 9.6+gb on WiFi AND 3.55gb on cell data. I listen to podcasts, use GPS everyday and minimal YouTube.

    0.1gb per month is laughable.

  19. I. too, have a flip phone with Virgin mobile. I was considering to buy a smartphone and subscribe to Republic. But now I’ll have to reconsider.

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