Launchers, Widgets, and App Drawers for Your Android Phone

Customization is one of the most popular features of an Android phone. From customizing your screen, choosing how each app notifies you, to how you choose to protect your device, each Android is uniquely different and can be tailored to you! We’ve put together a 4-part guide to apps that help you make your phone your own.

The first post in the series is focused on launchers. Launchers are apps that allow you to change the software design and features of your phone’s operating system without making any permanent changes.


One thing that I didn’t understand when I got my first Android was why I needed a launcher and what exactly it does. Essentially, launchers are apps that let you change the layout of your Android phone, add custom gestures, and basically make everything customizable to you. Find out more about launchers and how to choose the right one for you by reading Everything You Need to Know about Android Launchers.

Popular launchers:


GO Launcher 

Apex Launcher 

Google Now 



It’s great to have a nice wallpaper, but also consider adding custom widgets that provide helpful information. These additions act as mini-apps that make finding things you frequently need like the weather much easier. Learn more about widgets by watching, How to Use Widgets on an Android Smartphone.

Popular widgets:

Notification Toggle 

Beautiful Widgets 

Extended Controls 


App Drawers

Using app drawers is another way to keep your home screen looking clean. One major difference I notice between my iPhone and my Android is that my Android screen is not filled with apps like my iPhone was. If you prefer using a custom app drawer the following apps are a great place to start.

Popular app drawers:


Organized Drawer 

Pulldown App Drawer 


Next week, I’ll dive deeper into customizing your phone screen. Have you tried any of the apps above? What are your favorite customization apps?

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