Let’s Change Mobile Together

You’ve helped us uncover an unfairness in today’s wireless model. You’ve done it just by being you. In sending all your texts, answering all your calls, checking your emails, and posting pics to Facebook, you’ve proven that over 66% of our members with a data plan pay too much for their wireless service.

We’ll let that line sink in for a second…circle_graph-04

We’ve crunched the numbers and they’re shocking. 71% of our customers use less than 500MB of cell data a month doing everything listed above or more. 60% use less than 250MB. And yet, all that extra cell data in your 5GB* plan must go somewhere…right? You’re paying for all of it, even if you aren’t the one using it.

So, let’s say you use 2GB one month, you still have to pay for the other 3GB. But why? Valley News Live puts it best:

We only pay for the exact amount of gas, electricity, heating oil and water we use. We don’t pay the supermarket $1,000 a month upfront for groceries and lose out if you only bought $580 worth of food. But that’s exactly how the Big Four ‪‎cell phone‬ companies operate.

Maestro_imageOf course, there are those who inevitably use more cell data than others, so you wind up with a model where the majority of your customers are paying for what the least amount of people use.

But we aim to change that, with you, together in Republic Labs Maestro.

Because we believe savings should be passed on to the customer. And we think you should get paid back for what you don’t use.

What do you think?

                                                                                                     *Data Usage Policy

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