Life Over Likes Sweepstakes- Winners Announced!

Though the Life Over Likes Sweepstakes is over, the screen-free joy that we hoped to spread has only just begun. If you have been curious to see who won the trips of a lifetime – and the other fantastic prizes – we’re excited to say that today we get to share the amazing news! Without further ado, here are the winners of our Life Over Likes Sweepstakes:

 Life Over Likes Winners

10 Second Place Winners won a $500 gift card to spend on tickets to almost anything:
Lynn D. from Albany,  NY
Robert T. from Crestwood, KY
Jordan D. from Omaha, NE
Todd N. from Woodbury, MN
Dave S. from Gilbert, AZ
James U. from Longmeadow, MA
Robin B. from San Marcos, TX
Tammy F. from Sutter Creek, CA
Rick M. from Sebeka, MN
Gregg C. from Chicago, IL

5 First Place Winners won a Samsung smart refrigerator and 3-month subscription to a meal delivery service:
Melissa B. from Fletcher, NC
Amber D. from Fayetteville, NC
Seth F. from Provo, UT
Ed G. from Delavan, WI
Greg E. from Skiatook, OK

3 Grand Prize Winners won $10,000 towards a dream vacation:
Emily B. from Halifax, MA
Ken D. from Columbia, SC
Gary M. from Los Altos, CA

We were able to catch up with a few winners to learn how Life Over Likes helped them create amazing memories. They told us a little bit about how they are living their phone-life balance and creating memories with the people they care about.

Our first winner’s story is like a fairy tale. Emily Beals (a Grand Prize Winner) is getting married! That’s right, she won a $10,000 dream vacation just in time to start planning her honeymoon.

“We are still working out the details, but we will probably be going to Kauai and Maui, Hawaii. We had such a big list of amazing places we wanted to go, but we ultimately chose Hawaii because we both love beaches and mountains, so that seemed like a good compromise. We are planning to be totally unplugged and just enjoy each other’s company while we spend our first 2 weeks as a married couple together. We plan on snorkeling, hiking, paddle boarding, going to a Luau, taking a helicopter tour, and so much more. It’s going to be amazing! This is an opportunity we would never have had it we hadn’t won this sweepstake! Such a huge blessing.”

Emmy, thank you for sharing your story. Helping you and your soon-to-be husband kick-start your life as a married couple warms the hearts of everyone here at Republic. We wish you years of enjoying life’s adventures together!

Another Grand Prize Winner, Ken DeBerry, is going to put his $10,000 towards a dream cruise vacation. He writes:

“Thank you Republic Wireless for adding $10,000 to this year’s travel budget! Being named a grand prize winner in the Life Over Likes Sweepstakes was incredible. I have to admit, though, that having discovered Republic a year ago I already felt like a winner.  The value and service I’ve received have been impeccable. And it’s a Carolina company which makes me proud. Republic really is the brightest ship in a sea of cellular wannabes. And speaking of ships, I hope to be boarding one sometime soon. While I’m still juggling destinations, the current top spot is a two-week jaunt from Sydney, Australia around New Zealand. But you can bet that wherever I choose to cruise, Republic will be right there with me. And in this case, they’re picking up the tab! Thank you again, Republic Wireless, and keep on Shining!”

Ken, thank you so much for the kind words. We are honored to pick up the tab, and we feel like winners too! Maybe you’ll find time to drop us a postcard somewhere along the way. Since we’re local, it’s kind of like writing home!

We have no doubt that Ken’s trip will be full of breathtaking moments worthy of social media, and we hope that the incredible cultures, cuisines, and experiences he will have outweigh the opportunities for posts and selfies. Bon voyage, Ken!

Seth Freeman (First Place Winner) and his wife’s story inspires us to no end—they believe in the power of sharing a home-cooked meal together.

“We were very surprised and weren’t sure if it was a scam at first. After some research to ensure it really was Republic Wireless we got very excited. My wife and I are college students so we already had a fridge in our apartment and the new fridge offered wouldn’t have fit in the same spot. So we took the cash alternative instead, but it was very nice because it paid for almost all of my tuition for the semester which means I don’t have to work as much and I spend more time with my wife in the evenings this semester. We have more time to make dinner together. My wife is an excellent cook and is teaching me the ropes. We have dinner together almost every night. She cooks about half the time, and we team up the other half of the time (which means she still cooks, but I get to help out a bit).”

Seth, we’re so glad to hear that we could help with something as valuable as your education, especially when it gives you more free time to spend with the people you care about! Seth shared with us that his wife enjoys making “cookies in a mug.” We would love the recipe; great dessert is like great cell service—it’s always better when you share the love!

Our winners truly inspire us, as our members inspire us every day. We started the Life Over Likes sweepstakes with the idea that everyone deserves a better phone-life balance. We wanted to bring families closer together to create memories that last a lifetime. To us, that means more time for cookies in a mug, snorkeling with dolphins, travels to unique destinations and most importantly, doing those things with the people who matter. More life = more real thumbs up. We hope these stories and this sweepstake inspire you to find your phone-life balance.

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Notable Replies

  1. Ryan says:

    Congrats! Really exciting to see the winners announced, especially spanning the country like this.

    Thank you for your trust in Republic.

  2. this was a HUGE sweepstakes – congratulations to all the winners (and hey, also to the rest of us who won the smaller but still valuable prize of inexpensive and fantastic service)!

  3. Congratulations to all the winners!!

  4. Congrats to all winners

  5. mb2x says:

    Now we just need a followup to see where all the winners went on vacation!

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