Look Ma, No Hands!: Safe Driving with Moto Assist

Drive_safer_Moto_Assist“To answer or not to answer?!” – that is the question…while driving. Incoming calls and texts are a tempting distraction when you’re behind the wheel. We all want to be safe and know that responding to texts and calls while driving can lead to a dangerous situation.

But let’s admit it, we hate missing important calls and messages as well.  Moto Assist offers an awesome hands free option that’ll keep you honest on that Oprah pledge you took, while staying connected when driving. Parents, this is a valuable tool for preventing your teens from texting while driving.

By setting up Moto Assist, your phone can determine when you’re driving by your location and acceleration (nice huh?). While you’re in route, your text messages will be read out loud and your calls are announced. Once you’re done responding to a text or phone call, the app will start your music without skipping a beat!

Check out the video below to get set up on Lollipop. For step by step instructions for KitKat and Lollipop please visit our Knowledge Center.

(Video for Moto X (2nd Gen.) users with Lollipop)

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7 thoughts on “Look Ma, No Hands!: Safe Driving with Moto Assist”

  1. Part of Assist works great for me, and part does not…
    It announces incoming calls, and it reads incoming texts — all very helpful
    But it no longer lets me dictate a short reply text. It used to do this, but that feature doesn’t work anymore (and hasn’t for several months). Not sure if it matters, but I’m on the $10 plan, and usually I’m in the car (not on wifi) when trying to reply to a text. But that’s always been the case, even when I could reply via voice….

  2. It’s kind of weird, actually…. RW has this post here bragging about Assist, but it doesn’t work for most customers at RW (see several posts in the Community), and when asked about it, RW responds that it isn’t their app, it’s Motorola’s app, so they won’t help you with it….
    That’s true, that it’s Motorola’s app, but RW sure talked about Assist as a key feature a lot when selling the Moto X, and they continue to talk about it here in glowing terms. But it doesn’t work, and RW won’t help you get it to work…
    Yea, kinda weird….

  3. I have the Moto X 1st gen, and my beef with Assist is that it always goes through the phone speaker even when I am wearing my bluetooth. I work from home as a dispatcher, so I use my phone non-stop. It would be nice to get the announcements in my ear without everyone around me hearing them. I use Agent instead and am very happy with it. I manually start the driving portion of the app so it thinks I’m driving when I want my text messages read to me.

  4. It sucks as others have said. Assist USED to work perfectly on my phone ( Moto X 1st gen), now it does not work except IN my home, not the car where it is needed. RW provides NO support, and Motorola wants $$’s to send me a “new” phone they “think” it will work on. When this 2 year old phone finally dies, going back to a major carrier.

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