Low Phone Storage? Try Adding Memory With a New SD Card

If you currently own a Moto E or Moto G smartphone, you may not know that you have the ability to add extra storage to your phone – just by adding a microSD storage card. Not only does that benefit extend your phone investment – it also opens up loads of new possibilities for you to enjoy more music, photos, videos, apps and other media.


Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.21.44 AMShoot as many pictures as you like and edit later. Or don’t. With an extra SD card, you’ll be able to avoid those pesky storage space warnings – and get more fun and use out of your camera.

Videos & Movies

With more storage space, you’ll never have to miss out on capturing the live-action moments that matter. And if you travel often or just have a long commute, your phone will be able to hold more movies and TV shows to help you pass the time more enjoyably.


Having a library of digital music that fits in your pocket is great. But having the ability to add new songs, genres and styles – on a daily basis – is downright decadent. More storage means more room to explore whatever music feels right at the moment, without having to delete your favorite songs in order to make space.


new-republic-app-walk-thru-1024x576Everyone has a set of go-to apps they use every day. But with more storage space, you’ll have the freedom to explore new options, try out new apps and find new ways to have fun, connect with others, stay informed and be productive.


Do you regularly open email attachments from work? Scan documents in order to send them as a PDF? With more storage space to work with, you’ll have more capabilities to take care of business.

And installing a microSD card in your phone couldn’t be easier:

During the month of March, save an extra 70% when you bundle a Motorola Power Pack Slim 5100 with a Motorola Keylink and an 8GB microSD card to add space on your phone – plus, get free shipping on your whole order!

Don’t miss the opportunity to add extra storage – and take advantage of new options for more fun with your smartphone.

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14 thoughts on “Low Phone Storage? Try Adding Memory With a New SD Card”

  1. I am a RW Moto X owner. First I have to brag about my phone bill. My wife and I both have Republic Moto X and our bill last month for over 12GB of data was $33 combined. We only used .5 GB over cell, the rest was over WiFi. It really works!
    OK now the downside, we received your email about a bundle for an 8GB sd card, Moto power pack charger and a keylink phone finder all for $30. I was so excited and was about to order when I realized there is no SD card slot for the Moto X (Gen 2). What a bummer. Why does the Moto E and G have a slot but not the X? Even the new Moto X-play has a slot but not the Moto X. Any options for us Moto X users? Just the cloud? If you need a lot of space, go for the E or G. Unless there is another workaround.

    1. Wow, 12GB of data and your bill was $33 for two lines! That’s awesome. Yeah, using the cloud is the best option for Moto X users. I’m not sure why Motorola decided not to include a slot for a sd card on the Moto X model. I have the Moto X (2nd Gen.) too, I back up my files to my computer. This post: https://pwk.republicwireless.com/make-phone-faster-5-steps/ gives tips for clearing up storage to make your phone run faster. Check it out when you can.

  2. I could really use the extra storage, since my Moto G seems to require a minimum of 8-10GB free lately or it slows down to a crawl. I know that the Republic Moto G hardware differs somewhat from the standard model, so I just wanted to confirm if there are Republic Moto G specific instructions, or if I’m meant to pry apart the phone and follow the standard instructions?

    1. I simply pried off the back lid using the very thin slot in the bottom left corner with my fingernail. Then gently slid in a 32 GB card. Easy. Works perfectly.

  3. I have an SD storage card with 27G of space. Unfortunately, very few of the apps have the ability to be stored on the SD card, most of them have to be stored on the phone memory, which is very low. Sure, a lot of the game apps and the photo app can be put on the SD card (but not the gallery app – which I’ve never been able to figure out why there is a gallery and a photo app that essentially do the same thing and the photos you save show up in both!) but I only use a couple of game apps and all of the Google and Republic operating software cannot be transferred to the SD card with tons of space, so for the most part it has been a waste of money!

    1. The Gallery app views the photos on the phone while the Photo app is Google, which I presume uploads the photos to your Google “Photos” (since it has the same image) in your Google account.

    1. No you’re not… Moto G 1st Gen has no SD card slot (cheapos Crapporola didn’t bother with it despite making an 8GB only model which is basically criminal). The card slot was introduced in the 2nd Gen model… looks like the 1st gen was rushed out the door perhaps and then they came back to their senses and figured out a phone like that without SD slot would be basically entirely useless as smartphone. Not that a 16 or 32GB moto X couldn’t benefit from a 64 or better 128GB compatible SD slot!

  4. So is the expansion limited to 8Gb mirco SD, or will the phones recognize larger flash cards like 32Gb? This is the primary reason I’m dumping my MotoX 1st Generation. Just constantly frustrated by the out of memory messages. I use a lot of apps and cloud storage negates the benefit of low data use

  5. Larry is correct: “very few apps have the ability to be stored on the SD card…” My family has both the Moto G and Moto X (2nd Gen). The Moto X (2nd Gen) does not have an SD card. We are all having difficulties with running out of memory. We are very pleased with the Republic Wireless service and they are always helpful. It pains us because unless they have a phone with serious memory (greater than 32gig on-board without the SD card), we will have to switch to a Google Fi or one of the other carriers such as Verizon. Republic Wireless, please come through!

  6. My question to RW is… why not select more phones worth spending $300 on with SD an slot for the new offering? The moto G and Samsung J3 are not such phones with their sub par cameras and overall performance. The moto X pure is the only one getting almost close (though its camera is still too far behind something worth the premium price tag since it sells for $400. Samsung S7 won’t qualify (not even remotely) given the >$600 starting price and the fact that for that amount they don’t even come with a removable battery. Please consider adding phones of the quality, features and price of an LG G4 (models sold on AliExpress are available even below $250).

  7. i have an SD card and that is all well and good but the problem is I also have a ton of apps that I don’t need [Google and Moto] take take up most of my storage place. I cannot delete them, I cannot move them to my SD card. Why oh why do they insist on making me keep apps that I don’t and won’t use? I have 786 MB of apps on my phone with the word Google in them and that doesn’t even account for the system files – I don’t ned Hindi or Korean support – I don’t play their stinkin’ games. Everytime I update an app I have to go back in and move it back to SIM card. Please let me delete any apps that are not essential to my system. I didn’t even go into the space Moto takes but there are a lot less unnecessary apps but they do exist.

    1. I have the same exact issue. I’ve disabled or deleted some of the many Google apps, to find out u gotta be careful which Google u delete. They are tied in with other Google apps and the ones I do use won’t work right. I only have .5 of phone storage space left. I moved what I can onto my sd , all that is left on my phone are the Google n moto apps. I’m afraid to delete them for fear my phone will become a $200.00 paperweight. Any suggestions as to which Google apps and moto apps I can safely delete would be appreciated.

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