How to Make Your Phone Faster in 5 Steps

To ensure your phone is working at it’s best, it’s important to clean out all the stuff you don’t use. We’ve complied our 5 best tips for keeping your phone squeaky clean, and we’ll show you how to do each in 17 seconds or less!

1. Clear Your Phone Cache

Your phone’s cache is like a sentimental mate that saves all the cards you give them and the books you’ve read. If you’re in a long term relationship, this sweet gesture can turn into clutter.

2. Remove Old Apps

Storage space running out? If you have old, rusty, apps on your phone that you always skip past, get rid of them. Not only will they free up space for apps you’ll actually use, they’re out of your way so you can find your favorite apps quicker.

Note: Pre-installed apps can be disabled, but not removed. For a list of preinstalled apps check our Community.

3. Update Apps

Not updating your apps is like skipping an episode of Breaking Bad. You’re missing out on A LOT, new features, a fresh new look, and updates that improve performance.

4. Update Phone Software

You wouldn’t wear your wool peacoat in 95 degree weather would you? Well, your phone software should be in season too. (Oh, and even if you would wear a coat in Summer, update your software!)

5. Remove Photos/Videos

When you’ve taken 20 photos of the same pose for your teenager’s first prom out of excitement (or just to get every angle of their date… just in case), delete the extras. Or, move them over to your computer.

Bonus Tip :

If your phone has the option for a SD card, moving your apps along with your photos and music to the card is another handy way to save space.

For the Fearless:

Factory reset. Richard, from the Republic Wireless Help team, performs a factory reset on his phone every 3 months to make sure it’s always in tip top shape! Always remember to backup your information if you decide to perform a factory reset.

All videos were shot on a Moto X (2nd gen.) with Lollipop


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  • Omar

    just did a factory reset …

    • Shannon O

      Woo hoo! Brave Omar!

  • Jill Chadbourne-Parks

    Your instructions for clearing cached data do not reflect what is on my phone. When I go to settings and storage, there is no option for clearing cache.

    • Alix Stayton

      Jill, when you get to the storage screen, is there a list of items there, like apps, photos, music, etc? The cache should be at the bottom of that list. You can touch “cache” even if it says it’s calculating. That’s where you would choose to clear the cache.

    • Shannon O

      Those instructions are for a Moto X (2nd Gen.) is that the phone you use? Have you tried Alix’s suggestion?

  • James Lawrence

    From my experience updating apps slows your phone down. They are a larger file size and take up more RAM due to the “new & cool” features. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t update apps, but depending on the type of phone you have, it could almost force you into buying a new phone if the apps are that important to you…
    What I WOULD suggest is to not update the phone software! Like I said before, from my experience and my phone (Moto X 1), it’s pretty much been a nightmare. The only benefit is that I can actually scroll through media messages, lol.

    • Ted Schoenling

      It depends. Many times the updates will have performance improvements. I recommend updating apps. Why? Because if you don’t you may be open to security holes and miss out on important patches. If the app slows the phone down contact the developer or uninstall and reinstall it.

      • Ted Schoenling

        and i’ve been an android user since Android 2.0 on the orig. Droid, I’ve see good and bad updates to apps and to firmware…

      • James Lawrence

        I tend to fall on the side of paranoia/ conspiracy with the security of phones. Maybe I’m not educated enough on the subject, but it seems that phone companies, esp google, are completely fine with “stealing” all our info.
        I’m sure it’s a complicated subject for another discussion, but that’s my 2 cents on the subject of security holes.

        • Ted Schoenling

          Google doesn’t steal your info. You agree to give it to them. There are others, however, who are less than honest who will try to steal your info and then your identity.

          They typically do so with security holes in software. Keeping things up to date is a good way to make things just that little bit harder on them.

        • Shannon O

          You make some interesting points James, we give some phone security tips here:

  • SibTiger

    Clearing the cache does not typically speed up a phone unless you’re almost out of space. The purpose of the cache is to speed up the phone… why would you delete it?
    Remove photos/videos? Won’t make the phone a bit faster unless you’re almost out of space.
    The other three do have the potential of speeding up your phone.

    • Chuck Bronson MSSW

      Also, there’s no “Cache” in/under my “Storage” menu, on my phone.

    • Karen Holland Hanania

      Getting a new phone is a great way to speed up your phone. 😉

  • Chris Palmer

    My Moto X (1st Gen) “WAS” relatively problem free until a “system update” a few weeks ago – several recurring problems now…, idk how much “improvement” that step will do you.

  • Jerome

    Apps stopped working on my sd card and only 2 would actually have the option to migrate there.

  • Bryce Morrison

    Updating apps can be done simply. Be sure to migrate those updated apps to the SD card -after- the updates have completed successfully. If an app just won’t update or migrate, if the Moto X 2nd Generation thinks it’s too full (even with 500 MB free space on the phone’s drive), clear the cache, restart the phone, and perform another update attempt or migration attempt for that software.

  • Wayno74

    How can I move my photos to the SD card on my MOTO X Pure Addittion? I don’t see an option to do this?

  • curlercan

    My phone won’t call out sometimes. Says “calling via cell” and won’t call. I’m not in a dead zone. It’s a 50/50 shot. Considering going to another company. I called and they gave me a service ticket. Got me to download Telephony, and it seemed to not call even more often. Very frustrating since I have three teens and a business. Wishing I had my old Tracfone flip phone, every single call always went through.

    • Dennis Lee

      Was republic wireless able to help you resolve your smartphone calling out via cell phone transmission; how old and what generation phone is it(motorola “g3″/”g4”), what cell signal strength is the smartphone seeing displayed, is the motorola smartphone under one year warranty(you could get republic wireless to exchange/replace your defective phone perhaps?; are you able to call out using motorola “g3″/”g4” using strong wi-fi signal versus strong “cell signal” strength; if all attempts to potentially resolve with republic wireless are exhausted; please let us know as I also have concerns of republic wireless robustness, stability, reliability issue(s); I have seen a few post(s) such as yours be great to know further specific technical details?

  • Deb Roussell

    How do I move an app to my SD card?