How to Manage Your Online Accounts with Republic Wireless

Imagine a world where your Tupperware cabinet is organized. All the containers lined up by size, fitting perfectly on your shelves. You even have all the lids and they’re the right size! Organizing your Account Portal may feel just as satisfying.

From your account portal, you’re able to manage your service lines, update your contact and credit card information, view your invoices, and view/create help tickets. So keeping your account fresh can make a big difference.


Don’t skip this step! Not having your family/friends assigned as users in the portal is like washing the dishes then leaving them in the sink. Your kitchen still doesn’t look clean (arguably it’s not clean).
When a user isn’t assigned they’re unable to open a ticket when they need help. If they have an issue with their phone, they’ll have to contact you (the account owner) to get the help they need. They also won’t receive email updates from us on their usage.
When users are assigned they can see their phone in the My Account Portal. They will also receive email notifications when reaching data limits.

Having the people on your account more informed about their usage will give them the incentive to be mindful about their habits.

It also gives them the freedom to contact us directly, which is less work for you!


Making sure your Republic Wireless account information is up to date is important because it’s how you pay your bill, how we contact you, and how you contact us. With your monthly payments being automatically drafted from your account (and because your bill is so low), it may be easy to forget to update your credit card information when you’re issued a new card.

Avoid having a payment failure by ensuring your credit card is up to date. Keeping your current email address on file is crucial in making sure you don’t miss vital account information. If you happen to run into an issue, not having your most recent email address associated with your account can cause delays in receiving help. We must verify you are the account owner and are authorized to make decisions that can turn into several emails before your concern is addressed.

Having your email up to date, and contacting us from the email attached to your account will cut out these steps so we can answer your question quicker.

Be sure to have a current email for each user in your account.

You can also manage your E911 information from your account portal. E911 (enhanced emergency services) sends your exact location as well as your name, account info and what hospitals/911 offices are near you to the Public Safety Answering Point.

Your billing address is set as your default E911 address. However, you can save up to three E911 addresses to a phone number (only one address can be active at a time).


From the Republic Wireless App in your app drawer, you can rule the world! Well, the world of your phone at least. The Republic app lets you view your cell data and WiFi usage, update your voicemail settings, manage your account settings, manage handover, and much more. You can change your plan or phone number; also you can access the Help Center or email the Help Team.


You know that person who has mountains of mail at home? (Ok that person is me) Don’t be like me, buy a shredder! Or, just delete your voicemails. You’ve heard them, you’ve made a note of your dentist appointment, let it go.

We have a voicemail cap of 500 messages per inbox. If you exceed this limit, your callers will not be able to leave you new voicemails until you have deleted the older messages.

Don’t miss out on important messages by not getting rid of those old messages.


Being a member of the Republic Wireless Community is like maintaining a garden. It’s where you grow and weed out things you need help understanding. It’s also the place where new ideas sprout daily. The best part is it’s primarily member driven.

Don’t just walk by the flowers and admire the garden, dig in and help maintain the blooms. Join the Community! When you do, remember to fill out your Community profile. Let other members know who you are and what interests you. Once you’re all set up, introduce yourself and participate in discussions. You will be greeted by fellow members who truly enjoy helping you.

Now that your account is all squared away, who knows where I can find a deal on a shredder?

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