March: What’s New and What’s in the Works

In like a lion, out like a lamb more hungry lion. We’re chewing on some major product and business initiatives that we know everyone will be excited about. As we alluded to in our last update we’ve rallied our entire company around delivering  new phones, a new network, a new calling technology and a new way to finance your device*. This will open up new and expanded options for all our members and we can’t wait for more details to be released.

We’ve been working on an internal tool to help us measure calling and messaging quality. The vision here is to allow us to anticipate rather than react to call quality issues at both a high level and granular customer-by-customer level. The coolest part is we’ve used “AI” to build it. Like “Actual Intelligence” from real humans tasked with inventing something new and useful! That’s a really bad AI joke but we appreciate the talent and dedication of our staff that works on these internal projects and rarely gets applauded.


Software Updates

As in months past we’ll summarize our rollout of Lollipop to capable devices. A complete history of this rollout is here and here’s how we now stand:

Lollipop is available!
Instructions for the X (1st. Gen.) are here and here for the Moto G (1st Gen.).
Lollipop is available!
Instructions for the X (1st. Gen.) are here and here for the Moto G (1st Gen.).
We found some software bugs in our testing and have requested a fix from our partners. You can follow the latest updates here.
Lollipop came standard on these devices but we released an updated version to improve audio call quality. This rolled out in March and instructions are here.

*financing launched in early April.  More info here!

New in March:

Phone & Service Related:

In-Progress Items to Improve your Experience:

(due to the more complex nature of these items, no official timing is set nor is delivery guaranteed, but they are being worked on regularly):

Smaller Scope Items:

  • MMS Interoperability with Cricket

Larger Scope Items:

  • Enhanced WiFi Calling
  • Multi-Device Experience
  • Next Generation Device
  • New Carrier Experience
  • Android Lollipop 5.1 Moto E (1st Gen.)

P.S. The Think Tank is a great spot to participate and get product related updates! Come visit us!


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24 thoughts on “March: What’s New and What’s in the Works”

  1. Its April…. where is the new phone? Mine is 2.5 years old now and I would love something to upgrade to. The current selection doesn’t appeal to people who expect their cell phone company to actually have an upgrade option 2-3 years after a phone purchase.

    1. Seriously, my eyesight has declined a bit and I would like a larger screen than my Moto X 1st Gen has. Not to mention a wrap around display would be neat too. Oh and a fingerprint unlock feature. Of course a larger battery and a much better camera. But that’s all!

    2. Couldn’t agree more, Travis! I’m giving them one more month and then I’m gonzo for greener more Googly pastures, where new phones roam free.

  2. I’m getting a little antsy here for a new phone. The 4 first generation Moto X’s owned by me and my family are starting to not hold a charge unless you hold the power cable “just so”. This is a NEED not a want. As soon as these phones die, they will be replaced with an upgrade. . . . one from RW or one from Google FI. The clock is ticking.

    1. I have had the same problems especially if the microusb connector gets bent even the slightest amount. try this trick. stick a thin wedge like a knife point and spread the thickness of the microusb connector just a little bit. it restores about half of my cables to useful state.

      I think what is happening is the phone side of the microusb connector is spreading from insertion stress and losing contact.

      1. Same issue, same phone. Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a try. Trying hard to milk this phone along until the new release(s).

    2. As I type this my phone is dying at a rapid rate and producing a very disheartening warmth be it in my hand or my pocket. I concur.

    3. That time already passed for me last fall. I ran my Moto X 2013 til it was unusable, wanted to upgrade and the only option was the soon-to-be-ended X 2014 which if I’m upgrading to a new phone to last a long time it wasn’t going to be to a model that’s already a year old. I got tired of the never ending “new phone soon” announcements (which have been going on for months) and finally got a 5X on Fi and am thrilled. I’m still following Republic to see if they get to a point worth switching back but til then I’m glad to pay just a little more to always have the newest Android OS, a way more powerful phone than what they offer, a 2nd network of coverage, and a fully unlocked device I can take wherever.

      1. I’m giving them no more than 30 more days before I’m jumping ship too. Don’t give two hoots about financing or any other crap like that, just need to get a new phone because my current Moto-G is dog slow and has a broken microphone. Am not impressed by the meager RW offerings, especially when I can grab a new much more capable Nexus 5X through project Fi for the same money as the RW Moto-G. Sheesh, how dumb do they think we are?

    4. I’m almost to the point on no return. My daughter’s phone is almost worthless and mine won’t hold a call for more than a few minutes. Hurry up, RW or we’ll be forced to leave.

    5. try this with the phone facing you pull out the plug and take a pair of pliers pull down or bend down the metal insert slightly, it works great for me

      1. Hey Bryce, thanks for the advice. I think my whole connector is semi done. You have to wiggle it “just right” to get power, and you have to be precise with no movement to get data to go. Could I pop the top and try and repair the broken connections, maybe, but the phones are never the same once you pop the hood. I think I’m just going to muster all the patience for a new phone I can muster and pray the phone limps across the finish line. Thank you for the suggestion.

  3. Republic Wireless, you have saved me, and my circle friends, about two thousand dollars collectively. THANKS! I know you all have been working hard on this next release. We are very excited to see all your hard work pay off. And and i am sure the fruit of your labor will soon find it’s way into our very delighted hands.

  4. RW, you’re a really great company, but my Moto X is really starting to die and I’m really hoping that something comes out soon or early summer. Please?

    1. Seriously, I’m looking seriously at an iPhone SE and will probably switch in the next month or two. RW sending people a communication saying you’re planning to start communicating better about when an up-to-date phone will be available is not a convincing response to this.

  5. Hi Republic Team, I think we’re all craving new phones, from different brands! Since the Lollipop update, my Moto X has been acting weird (done everything!), and I can’t wait to get a new phone. Thanks!

  6. Yada, yada, yada. More fluff and stuff for us to read without a new flagship phone. Where is the new Motorola Pure Edition Phone? Come on you guys. I need a new phone and I am not going to investin a lower tier phone. Give us a phone with 32gb of internnal storage a memory card slot and a great camera. Won’t the Pure Edition ssatisfy all three of these? I don’t need the amoled display.

  7. My X1 was getting a bit long in the tooth. I replaced the battery myself. It was easy. YouTube helped. The battery life was fine afterwards. I still wanted a bit better phone. 2 months later my wife came back from Micro Center with a brand new RW Moto X2 for me! $260 total that was with tax. Yeah it’s a 2014 phone but it was brand new in the box. And not at a high price. I can send a text SMS, MMS. Make a phone call on WiFi or Sprint cellular. Play some pretty intense games that look amazing and play smooth as silk. Run all kinds of apps. The battery lasts me all day no problem. IMHO, this is a great phone. For me, it just works and for a really cheap price.

    I do feel for many of the other RW users. And I do hope that RW does the right thing very soon and launch a phone that will please their customers. I can see why many people would be very upset, angry and a bit betrayed.

    Come on RW, get the news out and get the new phone out. I got a good feeling about this company. They are just a little late on some things. Then again I look at my phone bill and I chill out.

  8. Been with RW for 4 years. The Moto X was a painful wait and RW did not learn or take heed of it, obviously. Like others here, the two year old Moto Xs are dying fast and without a personable service department that can help, RW becomes useless amd VERY EXPENSIVE for a non working phone. After months of failing wifi connections, battery port issues, and camera problems, a new phone and Cricket are being tried by one of the family. Poof and fluff blog articles don’t cut it when you have been making excuses for years.

  9. “moto e (1st gen) We found some software bugs in our testing and have requested a fix from our partners. You can follow the latest updates here.”

    That’s it, I’m done with RW. I’ll have a new carrier and new phone by tomorrow afternoon.

  10. I would like a smaller phone; heck even a flip phone option. something that will fit comfortably in my pocket. these phablets are too darn big.

  11. I’m getting really close to leaving Republic….my Moto X is 2.5 years old and in desperate need of an upgrade, but currently my only option is to DOWNGRADE to a Moto E? This is absolute nonsense…How can you only offer 2 phone models, and 2 crappy ones at that!! This is madness

  12. I’m looking to leave rw. Bad call quality. No top tier phone option. Buggy upgrade. Checking out Ting, Consumer Wireless (which scored rave reviews from consumer reports) and others.

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