Saving Money on a Smartphone: Joseph I. and Family

Joseph, Sara, and Amelia representing their new Republic swag!
Members: Joseph, Sara, and Amelia I. representing their new Republic swag!

One of the things I love most about my job is hearing the amazing stories from our members about how they used Republic Wireless to save money on a smartphone. There’s no wrong way to do it, and often times we hear about some pretty cool things, like an extra-cool vacation or special lunch treats! One of my personal favorites, as a recent grad, is student loan payoffs. But, arguably one of the best stories we hear are the ones involving family. As you may have seen before, we featured Andrew F. as our first Member Monday post a little while back. Andrew saved so much money over the course of a year that he was able to adopt his (adorable) son. I was reading through our direct messages on Facebook when I came across one from Joseph I. requesting a t-shirt. He had heard that we love to send swag to our particularly cool members (and he is definitely not wrong!). In his request, he included this story about his wife and his daughter, Sara and Amelia, that we had to share:

“After my wife, Sara, and I got married we joined on to my parents’ family plan with Verizon. We were paying $100 a month for two phones with a small data plan since we were not really using Mobile data. When we heard of Republic we decided to make the switch for two main reasons: First to save money and second to finally have an independent phone plan for our family. Since we made the switch, we have been saving $75 a month on our bill. That savings has helped us to pay more down on our student loans which translates to more freed income. With that freed income I will soon be able to leave my job. Why would I leave my job, you may ask? Well Sara and I have a beautiful 9 month old baby girl, Amelia! Once I leave my job I will be joining the growing movement of this generation: Stay-at-home dads!

I love our daughter to death and there is nothing more I want than to raise her (her cuteness definitely helps as well). The savings we have gained from Republic Wireless is helping to make that a reality. Since we have joined in May we have saved nearly $400 on our phone bill!

The best part about it is that we did not make that big a sacrifice in coverage either. When people ask about my 2014 Moto X, I always start by telling them, “The best feature is that I only pay $10 a month for service!” Thank you Republic for bringing us this much closer to reaching our goal!”

After reading Joseph’s story, I sat there for a few minutes with a big grin on my face. Tales like this are the reason I come to work every day. Knowing that we can make this much of a difference in someone’s life makes everyone at Republic feel so amazing! I wrote Joseph back to let him know I’d love to send him and his wife a t-shirt, as well as a onesie to Amelia, so long as he promised a picture. He lived up to his end of the bargain as you can see above. 🙂

Now, we want to hear from you! What have you done with your smartphone savings? Whether it be an exotic trip to Fiji or weekly lunch dates with mom (and it’s your treat, this time), there’s no wrong answer, so let us know! We can’t wait to hear your stories.

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9 thoughts on “Saving Money on a Smartphone: Joseph I. and Family”

  1. $75/month in phone bill savings allows this guy to quit his job? I mean, I really like Republic, but this story is absurd.

    1. he’s not saying that it was the only factor. It sounds like financially they were pretty close to making ends meet and just this little change was enough to push them over the top financially to be able to commit to this. Not the first time I’ve seen someone be able to change their lifestyle by just tweaking one bigger expense.

      1. I WISH that’s what it ACTUALLY said, but it’s not. There is such a thing as lying by omission. There is no mention of being “close to making ends meet.” This guy DID mention he bought the Moto X, which would have cost him $400. And if his wife also got the same phone, that’s $800. If she bought the cheapest phone, it lowers the up front cost to $500 together. So in order to save $400 thus far, an up front minimum $500 expense has to be paid. This brings me back to my original point…do people know how numbers work?

        1. You bring up an interesting point. If they had bought new phones, (even if he got the Moto X and his wife the Moto E) they still would not have paid back the difference with the savings. However, I think the point of this story is that something good came out of switching over to Republic Wireless. If he can quite his job to stay at home with his kid becuase that is what he wants, good for him. We don’t need to know exactly how. The point is you can save a lot of money by switching over to Republic Wireless which is what this guy and tons of others have done! 🙂

          1. I was able to go down to part time to be home more with my kids too. Republic helped allowed us to finish paying off some debt, and are now only committed to $20/mo for both my husband and myself vs $80 withT-mobile (no data). Switching to Republic is not the only factor that has allowed this adjustment. We have cut our cable, which we don’t miss, and paid off our debts before I went part time. We have also adjusted our spending habits, and think we are making smarter choices between wants and needs.

          2. It was an old family plan that no longer existed. In order for us to get data with any carrier, we would have had to buy phones, be locked into contracts and pay more for the plans. We felt stuck and were kind of waiting to make the right move. When we found Republic, we bought our phones (Christmas gifts to each other) because the cost of the plans and no contract made sense. As for retirement, we are part of the 49% that have been planning since our 20s.

  2. $75/month in phone bill savings allows this guy to quit his job? That’s $900 for the year. I mean, I really like Republic, but this story is absurd. Do people even understand how numbers work?

  3. Keep the job, you are going to need the money when social security fails.

    Honestly, how prepared are you for retirement? 51% of people barely think about it aside from a low-yield savings or CD account. Make some money and invest in retirement fund and a college savings account. That way your kid won’t have to take on loads of debt.

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