Millions of OtterBox Fans Can’t be Wrong

Smartphones hold a special place in our lives. Some of us reach for them as part of our morning ritual. We get excited when they alert us to a new message. We check our calendars, to-do lists, obligations, bank accounts and emails as we multi-task along in our daily lives. We take them on hikes, bikes and to concerts and rock climbing excursions. We may even post an occasional Facebook status from the bathroom (!). And we get very upset when our smartphones get broken, cracked or demolished.

OtterBox understands our obsessive need to have our phones with us at all times. That’s why they designed their ultra-protective mobile phone case to go wherever life takes us. And their sturdy engineering and high-quality materials are why OtterBox cases are the best-selling cases in the US.

Let’s look at two of their most popular phone cases to see which OtterBox best fits your life.

Are you a Defender or a Commuter?



Style Rugged, go-anywhere Sleek, clean, modern
Protection details Three layers – a built-in screen protector, an inner poly-carbonate layer and an outer silicone layer Two layers – an inner silicone layer and an outer poly-carbonate shell
Exterior Firm, absorbs shocks. very grippy and easy to hold Smooth, easy to slide into pocket or bag
Ports Easy to access, covers included Easy to access, covers included
Screen Built-in protective screen Adhesive protection that you apply
Special Features Belt-clip holster that swivels and acts as a kickstand for watching media Smart design — cuts the hard exterior shell back at the corners – so the softer silicone protects the phone in a fall
Hobbies Job sites, riding in trucks, falling to the ground on accident, enjoying the outdoors Running into meetings, train rides, checking movie times, ordering takeout
Bottom Line Extreme protection if you’re prone to dropping your phone. Feels great in the hand. A strongly practical choice for an everyday user. Offers solid protection and modern style.


Either OtterBox case you choose, you’ve got one of the toughest, longest-lasting, most protective and popular cases out there.

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10 thoughts on “Millions of OtterBox Fans Can’t be Wrong”

    1. I’m going to have to beg to differ. While I might agree Otter Boxes seem a bit over priced, no case I’ve ever gotten for $5-10 has ever been as good.

      1. Maybe check out I-Blason dual layer prime series cases. You can find them for the moto x gen 1 and 2 in all black for $10. My phone has survived falls, badly aimed throws, getting stepped on, getting chewed on (young kids) and I haven’t had a single crack or malfunction. I use the kickstand all the time, and that hasn’t even broken yet. As far as I’m concerned, they have me as a permanent customer until they don’t make a case for a phone I buy.

  1. Regardless of the commentary below, I’ve had the O.B. Defender since getting started with Republic and the Moto X gen 1 and public retail release. Perfectly happy, lasts long time, still using it as a matter of fact. One thing I did notice over the lifetime is the outer case is not as tight as it was when I first put it on. In that, may be even better protection as there is now some air cushioned give on the back side if the phone is dropped. Not a fanboy by any means; but I’ve had excellent service out of the product. (Only thing I’d change – have all that protection AND have a phone the original dimensions of the Moto X… When I take the X out of it’s case it’s one very fine and svelte lady.

  2. I have three Moto X Defender cases that I will make a great deal for anyone that is interested in buying them from me. I broke my original case and because I liked it so much, but knew that it might break, I ordered three cases for what I thought was a replacement case. I received three Defender cases which are too bulky for me in dress clothes. So if you are looking for a great OtterBox deal, let me know.

  3. I have three OTTER Moto X Defender cases that I will sell to anyone that is interested at a great price. Long story of how I ended up with them but can’t use them with dress clothes. Just let me know and we can work out a deal.

  4. I tried an Otterbox belt clip case once and found the phone often dropped out of it. It was a belt clip that you pushed the phone into from the side. Often the phone slipped right out. The case has to be good to protect the phone from constant falling, Other manufacturers make much more secure and reliable belt clip cases, and most have a built in stand on the back. I have no use for Otterbox after discovering that..

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