Minimalism Expert, Rose Lounsbury, Covers Why Republic Wireless is the Right Fit for Your Budget

Introducing Minimalism Expert, Rose Lounsbury. When it comes to minimizing life’s clutter, you can count on Rose to point you in the right direction. We recently discussed Unlimited Data, and how many people believe they need it, when in reality they need only a small amount. Rose breaks down this concept perfectly with the analogy of paying for the entire buffet, but really only needing the soup and sandwich combo. Check out her engaging conversation below. 

Here at Republic Wireless, we give you the ability to choose the amount of cell data that is best for not only your usage needs, but your overall budget. 

When it comes to minimizing your finances, you have to analyze every area of your budget. That certainly includes your monthly cell phone plan. Many people may be using an unlimited data plan and thinking they’re getting an amazing deal. What would happen if you pulled back the layer on your monthly usage to reveal how much data you actually use each month? Many of our members on a monthly basis use right around 1-2GB. With our service, that’s only $20 to $25 per month! 

Rose very clearly addresses the concept of “If I just had more (fill in the blank), I’d be happier”. Watch her share powerful words on how this can quickly get us into a negative space. This is especially true when it comes to our own financial success and freedom. 

When we take the reins back to our own financial wellness, we can have what we need with less. 

With our data plans starting at $20/month, or $16.67/month when you pay annually, you have the power to spend less and have just what you need. When was the last time you really evaluated your monthly cell data usage? Perhaps it’s time to pull back that layer and consider making the switch to a more affordable and logical option. Here at Republic Wireless, we’d love to be that provider for you. 

Learn more about our service today, and consider making the switch to better savings, without losing any value along the way.

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