Introducing the My Choice Plan

In July 2016, we proudly launched the new Republic Clear Choice plans. We designed Clear Choice to provide a simple, straightforward approach to choosing a cell phone plan, while still offering great value to our members. With the simplicity of the Clear Choice plan relative to our prior Refund plans, we were able to introduce a wider variety of Android cell phone options, as well as allow for a wide portfolio of bring-your-own-phone options.

We have spent the last fifteen months listening to you, our members, and continuing to evaluate our offer to ensure we are bringing you the best value in wireless for your needs. We’ve also spent this time revisiting what we believe in, and what we want to support as a brand.

All this self-reflection has re-grounded us in our roots – in what we truly believe in and are passionate about. It is our mission to provide our members with remarkably simple and affordable ways for people to truly connect… and thus empower our members to live fuller, more meaningful lives. We believe in offering a cell phone plan that fits into anyone’s life and helps them save money. Those savings can then be put to good use, on the people and things that really matter – not on their cell phone bills.

Reflecting on Clear Choice

While we loved what Clear Choice allowed, such as adding a second carrier partner to our portfolio, faster device updates, and a bigger and better device lineup, there are some things we’ve been wanting to change. We were disappointed that some of the limitations of Clear Choice meant that:

  • A good proportion of our Clear Choice members run out of data each month, and many more of you probably worry about running out of data
  • During higher data usage times, such as summer or holiday travel, you have to upgrade your plan, and then remember to downgrade your plan the next month
  • If you wanted 3GB of cell data, you had to buy a 4GB plan
  • The data levels and pricing weren’t as simple and easy to remember as they could have been

Long story short, we are excited to announce that we are making some changes to our plan structure, all of which are designed to benefit you, our valued members!

So what is the new plan?

The new plan will be called My Choice and will be available to all existing and new members on December 12. This new plan will continue to offer everything we loved about Clear Choice (two nationwide 4G LTE carrier partners, strong Android device portfolio, and fast device updates), with key improvements simplify our offer AND  pack in more value with greater flexibility.

We are introducing greater value to the My Choice plan with the best per GB data pricing available in the market today.  Data will be priced at just $5 per GB, which we are proud to say is between fifty and sixty percent less than what our main competitors are offering.

And, with the new option to make a one-time data purchase if you just need a little extra in a given month or easily increase/decrease your monthly recurring data amount for long-term changes, you will have more flexibility than ever before.



What does this mean for me?

We think great things! We’ve found that because so many of us are connected to WiFi either at home or at work for the majority of the day, we use less cell data than ever before. Over ninety percent of our members on our existing Clear Choice plans use less than 2GB of cell data per month, making the average bill per member just over $20. So why pay double or triple that for the expensive unlimited plans that the big carriers are pushing you to believe you need, when the actual facts about your usage say otherwise? We think you deserve to spend less money on your cell phone bill and more money on the people and things you love – don’t you?

If you are currently enjoying one of our Clear Choice plans, your current plan will automatically transition on December 12 (for more information, please refer to the Community Announcement). Then, you can start enjoying serious flexibility with the option to add data, 1 GB at a time, straight from the Republic app.

If you are enjoying a 1.0 or Refund plan, this change won’t affect you or your plan. But, we think you’ll really like My Choice, and we’d encourage you to explore our excellent Android device lineup or list of compatible Android BYOP devices and give My Choice a try.

If you aren’t a Republic member yet but are thinking about it, welcome! We hope you agree that our new My Choice plan offers the best value in wireless. More importantly, though, we are thrilled to meet you, and cannot wait to welcome you to our Republic family.

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Notable Replies

  1. This is a step in the right direction, but…it’s still not of any value to me. I routinely pay between $13-$16/month for all the text and talk I want, with a rather minor amount of data with the refund plan. I don’t see how paying $20+ for the same level of service is helping me.
    I was excited when I saw the email; my Moto X is definitely past due at this point. But this is not the plan for me, and is clearly not a choice.

  2. Ditto for me … I have 2 phones and just sip a little data each month … so a bill of about $32 on old 1.0 refund plan. I’d update to the newest phones in a heartbeat if I could keep my old plan.

  3. Sounds like RW wants every phone owner to pay at least $20/mo no matter what! Maybe if RW would provide a free phone every 2-3 years, the Clear Choice Plan might make sense. When my phones MotoX die, I’ll most likely be moving to another carrier or purchase a pre-loaded phone. RW was great at first, but sadly, it seems that they have adopted the corporate greed business model. RIP RW!

  4. This would still be an increase of 30-40% above my current 2.0 plan, and so I can’t be excited about this option. It seemed that the original target of RW was customers were willing to pay for what data they used, and I really appreciated that approach. It seems that vision has been lost, and so I have to consider whether I am ok buying a full gb of data when 75% of it will be unused and donated to RW.

    If this incremental plan structure is really the only scheme that is possible for the current phone configurations, maybe RW could offer choices with scales that better reflected usage of the community. If, as stated, 90% of the community is using less than 2 gb of data, then why are those 90% forced to choose between two plan options?
    That’s not much of a choice. Instead of 1 gb, 2 gb, 3 gb plans, why not 0.125 gb, 0.25 gb, 0.5 gb, 1 gb, 2 gb plans?

  5. I have to agree with several others here. My wife and I have been Republic members since beta and currently have Moto X phones with refund plans, mine for 512Mb and hers with 1Gb. We NEVER go over our data allotments and have almost always gotten refunds. This is a disappointing change. Our family is giving us new phones for Christmas, a welcome and needed upgrade at this point since the Moto Xs have become frustrating and are about at the end of their useful lives. But now to have to pay more for service when our usage is unlikely to change is most disappointing. Sorry to see RW heading this direction.

  6. Add my voice to the growing chorus of, “I was excited when I saw the subject of the email, then disappointed with the contents.” I’ll be sticking with the refund plan I’m on. Please come up with a plan for those of us who want a little data that costs the same as we’re paying now.

  7. This is exactly my situation. I’ve never needed more than .5g, so my bill is always about $13. So you’re telling me that when I have to buy a new phone, my monthly plan will cost me an extra $7 for something I don’t need.

    Please consider your customers who don’t stream music and video. There are lots of us out here.

  8. Hi guys. Glad to see you are reducing the cost per gigabyte, that’s always a good thing. But there is nothing like the refund plan. That is what I really like about Republic Wireless. I only want to pay for the cell data I use and with the refund plan, that’s what I do. I can add more data anytime and if I don’t use it, I get refunded per megabyte. That is why I do business with Republic.

    The “My Choice” plan is nothing more than a glorified pre-paid plan albeit with great price-per-gigabyte. But what happened to “only pay for the data you use”? This is what hooked me on Republic. Back in July 2016 you guys switched to AT&T and axed the Refund plans on all new phones. You claimed that AT&T’s network made it impossible to have refund plans on their network. That is so obviously false that I still laugh about it. My suggestion is going to echo thousands of other Republic Wireless subscribers: BRING BACK THE REFUND PLANS ON ALL PHONES!!! Until then, I will continue using my old phone on the refund plan.

    Those of us on refund plans are giving you fair warning: There will come a point soon when we will have to upgrade to a newer phone and if you guys haven’t listened to us by then, you will lose us as customers. Please bring back the refund plans - this is what makes Republic different from every other carrier. There is no technical reason why you can’t.

    Can we have a poll? If you were to ask every Republic customer which is better? My Choice or Refund? I don’t need to guess what the response would be!!! Again, reducing the cost per GB is nice, but we only want to pay for the data we use. I hope this is addressed soon… Thank you for reading, Happy Holidays!

  9. This is crap for us refund plan members! It also puts a disincentive on purchasing new phones. I was thinking about purchasing a new phone but since I will lose my plan which I have been very happy with, I’m not going to purchase another phone for a while, maybe years. I don’t see how this plan benefits anyone except the company. I don’t need 1 GB as I happily use less than .5 GB. Why should I pay for something I don’t need? I’d like a new phone but that’s not going to happen.

  10. You can correct me if I’m wrong, but based on my understanding, if Republic Wireless reintroduced the refund plan, then:

    1. BYOP would eventually disappear.
    The refund plan relied on a custom ROM that severely limited the selection of phones one could get from Republic Wireless.

    • It would be harder to sell used Republic Wireless phones, potentially making it harder to upgrade to newer ones.
      We would have a couple of Republic Wireless phones to choose from that would only be able to be used on Republic Wireless’ network. That would mean that Republic Wireless’ phones would be harder to sell on eBay or because they would only be for Republic Wireless’ network. This would potentially make it harder for people to upgrade to newer phones if they couldn’t sell their used phone.

    • Our choice of buying new/used phones would be limited.
      We would potentially be missing out on deals because we wouldn’t be able to buy phones from people that don’t use Republic Wireless’ services.

    2. We couldn’t dream of having new phones that had just come out on the market.
    Because Republic Wireless would have to use the custom ROM, it would take much longer for customers to get new phones. Back in the refund days, if I remember correctly, Republic Wireless was only selling the Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E. There wasn’t 12 phones (and counting) in their store, and there certainly wasn’t any BYOP options.

    3. Bringing an iPhone to Republic Wireless would never happen.
    You can bet that Apple would not let Republic Wireless modify its ROM in order for Republic Wireless to do the refund plan. However, as Republic has continued to innovate, the Republic Wireless CEO, Chris Chuang, said that the iPhone is coming to Republic Wireless in 2018.

    4. Innovation would be hindered.
    Some of the programming resources would be spent on modifying custom ROM when more time could be spent on developing projects like Republic Relay or Republic Anywhere. In the refund days, Republic Wireless had trouble keeping up with Android updates because of the custom ROM.

    Again, I like the price point of the refund plan. It was awesome, but I want Republic Wireless to continue to innovate, and I’m happy for the new my choice plan. I don’t see the my choice plan as out of harmony with Republic Wireless’ mission because:

    • These plans will help save many people money–including me–because I know how much money I’ve spent with several other carriers.

    • Republic Wireless is still strong on wifi calling, which has helped lower our phone bills.

  11. Hi @oj1,

    We have explained it.

    Despite the fact that people typically liked it once they tried it, we had trouble getting people to try the Refund plan. See:

    The technical obstacles preventing the refund plan from being feasible when we aren’t in the ROM are described here:

    When we launched Clear Choice plans and 3.0 phones, we went over it again:

  12. I honestly don’t know why Republic tried to explain at all. When they do, people call them liars, tell them they know their business better than they do, and try to make 20 people in a thread in to something more than 20 people in a thread.


    Knowing that, you can now decide if you want to remain a customer.

    We’re customers. Not owners. Not Executives. They owe us exactly NO explanation. Whether it is because of the ROM issue or because they weren’t selling enough or they were losing money or because their alien overlord told them to stop offering the plan, it doesn’t matter. Not one bit. And they certainly don’t owe their customers an explanation as to why they’ve made business decisions.


  13. Many electric companies also have minimum usage fees, too.

    I like the idea of the refund plan (I experienced having it as well), but 2 Republic Wireless employees have explained several times in this thread why Republic Wireless isn’t doing the refund plans with new phones. In case you missed it, here’s @southpaw’s explanations (you can click on her profile name to expand her comments):

    Here’s some of @seanr’s explanations in this thread (you can click on his profile name to expand his comments):

  14. I for one am happy with this change. It’s going to save my wife and me $5 per month. She’s still on the refund plan, but even if we switched her over the cost to us will still be under $50 per month for 1GB + 2GB + taxes.

    That’s a great deal. For those of you complaining that it’s not worth it, please share where you’re getting a better deal. I just shopped the closest matches I could get from Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Verizon (w/o phone) would be $140/mo + tax, Sprint (w/o phone) would be $100/mo (including tax), and T-Mobile would be $120/mo (including tax).
    Verizon jumps to $200 per month if I add new phones, Sprint goes to $180 with phones, and I haven’t tried to add phones to service at T-Mobile, because it’s going to still be more than Republic.

    So, I’m happy that in the worst case scenario for me, Republic can get me the service I need for less than one line on any other carrier in my area.

    Keep up the good work, Republic.

  15. I’m another refund plan lover. $12-$13 per month per phone. Now that my refund plan phone broke for ever I am having to decide what to do next. My wife’s refund plan phone screen has broken and held together with clear tape for about 5 months. That’s how die hard we are. It’s so hard to change plans when you have tasted a cheaper plan like what we currently have. Unfortunately with no newer model phones available our time has finally come to an end with these refund plans. I will be shopping around for the cheapest plan out there offering unlimited talk and text and a small bit of data.

    Republic Wireless has been a real blessing to our family mainly because of the low monthly cost of the refund plan. Republic Wireless I just want to say thank you and I do understand your need to change your plan offerings. Business is business and you know your market and your strategy better than we do. It is strange that other companies are getting creative with selling bulk pricing options and you might consider that also. (Sorry I have not read the entire thread of comments. You may have addressed this.)


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