New apps are music to my ears!

Summer is here and we need our tunes! Are you an aspiring musician trying to get out of your parents’ garage? Do you like to hit up local concerts and venues? Or maybe you just like to dance around your room when no one’s watching (come on, admit it, we all do it). Whatever your music preference is – we have five of our favorite apps for music lovers alike!

  1. SoundHound – Have a song stuck in your head, but don’t know what it is? Or do you want to know what that catchy new tune on the radio is? This app’s got you covered. Simply tap the orange button and your music journey will begin! It’ll help you identify the artist, title, and more about just about any song and let you hear a bit of it to be sure it’s the tune you’re thinking of.
  2. Bandsintown – A plain old recording just can’t capture the energy of a live concert, right? Not to worry! This app will provide you with a personalized concert calendar, let you track tours for your favorite artists, and help you discover new local artists as well. You can even buy tickets right from your phone! Rock on!
  3. Music Maker Jam – Now, you can create your own professional jams right from your smartphone. It’s really easy to use and has over 70 different music styles to choose from. This might be your big break!
  4. iHeartRadio – Do you have a favorite radio program that doesn’t come in where you live or do you just really appreciate good old-fashioned radio? This app lets you stream live AM/FM radio no matter where you are and create commercial-free custom playlists to listen to at any time.
  5. Music Hero – Remember playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band on your Xbox? Well, here is the Smartphone equivalent, except you can play your own music. This app lets you pre-load your favorite songs and is incredibly addicting. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite music app? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “New apps are music to my ears!”

  1. The article is apparently written by “we”, but a bio is only given for someone named Pauline. Since she’s identified as a princess, is this the royal we?

  2. iHeart Radio? WHy do people keep plugging that tired thing. Sure, it offers hundereds of stations, ALL OWNED BY THE SAME COMPANY! If you want a real radio experience, try TuneIn (or TuneIn Pro, which adds the ability to record for off-line listening). Not only does TuneIn offer every single one of the stations that iHeart does, but it has hundreds of thousands more. Practically EVERY broadcast and internet radio station, plus podcasts and more! It includes so many favorites you’ll never find on iHeart, like SomaFM, Afterburn Radio, and others. It also has ALL of your local stations, public radio, etc.

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