New Republic Press Kits!

Presenting our new press kits! The design on the front is what WiFi actually looks like! Neat huh?!

A few months ago, the Communications team here at Republic was given an objective:  Tell the Republic story to journalists, bloggers, and other interested media in a unique way.

We knew immediately that the Republic story was about more than just phones, the latest OS, apps, or plans (not that those things aren’t important). Any carrier could talk about those things. What really sets Republic apart is you – our members – and the incredible relationships you’ve allowed us to developed with you in our three years of being in business.

Better than getting a present from your best friend! 🙂

So, we went to our execs and asked:  “Hey, so, what if we make something that tells the Republic story, but it means that the flashy new phones and all that almost become secondary to the more important story about our members?”  David Morken, our CEO and Founder responded simply:  “DRIVE ON!” And drive on we did. It is with great pride and pleasure we present to you the fruits of that labor – our new Republic Wireless Press Kits – starring:  YOU!

First, there’s the outside in beautiful Republic green. You’ll notice that weird space-ship looking design on the front (see pic at the start of this post). Know what that is? That’s WiFi! If your eyes could see the wave-form of WiFi out in the world, this is what it would look like! Neat huh? We’re putting WiFi first, just like always!

Next (and this is my favorite part), when you open up the box, you see…YOU! Because at Republic, it really is all about you, our members. We get a real kick out of collaborating with you all and taking in feedback as much as we can. That’s the whole point behind initiatives such as Republic Labs, Think Tank, and our Community. It took a lot of doing – but we wanted the box to reflect that (pun very much intended) member-first focus as soon as you open it.

It's all about you! And you...and you... and you!
It’s all about you! And you…and you… and you!

Each kit will feature a letter from David, or one of our other lead team members addressed to the person receiving it. And then, you’ll see two little story books about What We Do and Why We Do It. For this blog, we’ll focus on the Why We Do It book. It’s more fun anyway! This is where our members and their stories get to shine.

After you’re done with the books, the inside tray lifts up to reveal the pièce de résistance – the review phone loaded with our sweet, money-saving WiFi + Cell Service. This is more than just a smartphone. Along with our app, and service, it has been engineered from the ground up to help you save more. Save more cell data. Save more money. All through the extra power of WiFi for talk, text, and data. It’s the Republic way! And now, it’s all contained in one little box. Hope you enjoyed your sneak peak as much as we enjoyed putting it all together!

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