New WiFi Concierge Service!

You know how we keep talking about all the new tools (like our powerful app) and resources (like our WiFi Smarts hub) we’re adding to Republic to make saving more on your phone bill each month as easy as possible? Well, we’ve got another one! Introducing…

Our WiFi Concierge service!

consierge 1

Need help offloading more data to WiFi, understanding your bill, or just have a general question? Now you can chat with an expert to walk you through whatever you need to know in under 5 minutes. Or, watch a quick video tutorial if you prefer. You can also see the top questions being asked by our Community of members and hop-in to join the conversation if you like. There’s so many ways to get the information you need! We’ve got more helpful resources on the way too!

concierge 2

We’re here to help and would be glad to work with you! Come let us hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “New WiFi Concierge Service!”

  1. Concierge? Really? So you’ll call me a cab, pick up my dry cleaning, and make my dinner reservations?

    1. If you have an urgent question, here are tips to get speedy answers.

      If you are sending mail to Customer Service, explain the urgency AT THE TOP OF THE MESSAGE, ESPECIALLY IF THE PROBLEM MAKES YOUR PHONE USELESS.

      Be very clear and use short sentences.

      For real speed, post your plea for help in the Community. Remember, you are dealing with fellow customers, many of whom are quite well versed in typical phone problems.

      It doesn’t hurt to send one message to Customer Service and another to the Community. Two collective entities are better than one, as the old saying goes.

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