November: What’s New and What’s in the Works

Despite unhealthy levels of carbohydrates and tryptophan in our office last month, delivering the Lollipop update to capable devices remains our top priority. You can read the most recent up-to-date news here. We’ve got good news too! The Moto G (1st Gen.) update started rolling out in test batches last week. Woo hoo! The abbreviated version is that we expect:

  • Moto G (1st Gen.) to receive Lollipop sometime this week with 100% completion set for 12/15.
  • Moto X (1st Gen.) is set for public soak tests starting 12/14 with full roll out slated for 1/8.
  • Moto E (1st Gen.) is currently slated to receive Lollipop in January.

We’re being as open as possible with this update schedule and are committed to continuing to communicate updated information as we receive it. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we iron this out.

Onto our product update for the past month.  We’re proud to have started rolling out the 2.1 version of our Republic App. For those of you on the Republic Refund™ plans and also on Lollipop, this app update now provides access to data tethering. This allows you to share your phone’s cellular data connection with nearby devices like laptops and tablets. It’s a great tool to have available for those times when the Empire’s free WiFi (ssid = D@rKZ1de) is congested and you absolutely need a connection for your R2 unit to upload battle plans to the Republic servers (Star Wars comes out this month, can you tell we’re excited?!).

Last, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.  We’re thankful for your support and hopeful that we’ve served and communicated with you honestly.  May the WiFi be with you, particularly on Dec 18th!

New in November:



Data Tethering Capability for Republic Refund Plan Subscribers on Lollipop


Republic App 2.1


Republic App Update (v2.1)


In Progress Items to Improve your Experience:

(Due to the more complex nature of these items, no official timing is set nor is delivery guaranteed, but they are being worked on regularly):



Gifting/purchase without a plan

Gifting/Purchase without Plan Selection in our RW Store

MMS Interoperability with Crick

MMS Interoperability with Cricket

My Account Portal Redesign

My Account Portal Redesign

WiFi Manager Improvements

WiFi Manager Improvements




Next Generation Data Saver Mode

Next Generation Data Saver Mode (previously named Background Data Suppression Tool)

Next Generation WiFi Calling

Next Generation WiFi Calling

Android 5.1 Lollipop

Android Lollipop 5.1 Update (Moto G (1st Gen.), Moto X (1st Gen.) and Moto E (1st Gen.)

Consumer Financing for Devices

Consumer Financing for Devices


P.S. The Think Tank is a great spot to participate and get product related updates! Come visit us!

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2 thoughts on “November: What’s New and What’s in the Works”

  1. Thanks! Under “In Progress Items”, I think one of your “Smaller Scope Items” should be “Larger Scope Items”…

  2. I was happy to see the addition of data tethering. I’m using it now in a place that lacks any available wifi . . . and it’s working perfectly! Thanks for this very useful addition for those rare times when wifi isn’t available.

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