Our First Podcast, “Young Lions”!


Our CEO and Founder, David Morken, has a saying:  “My job is to give red meat to young lions.”  David is awesome about challenging the Republic team to try new things, approach problems from new angles, and sometimes he even pushes us a little outside of our comfort zones. But we always come away from it as richer, fuller people.  At the same time, our lead team has no offices. They sit right out on the floor with everyone else. If you ever have a question about anything, there is never a wrong time to walk up to any one of them and have an honest conversation about whatever is on your mind.  It is by unearthing new opportunities for ourselves and others, exalting truth, and moving forward with genuine intent that we are able to excel as a company and as peers.

And that is our aim with our new podcast series as well. To shine light on new opportunities for you in your day to day, and better equip you with the essentials for living a smarter lifestyle. So, we thought it only appropriate to take inspiration from David’s saying, and on this, our inaugural episode of “Young Lions” – we interview finance pro, fellow Republic member and our new blogger spokesperson, J. Money of Budgets Are Sexy. Recently featured in Forbes Magazine for saving over $400,000 in just 7 years, we find out just how J. Money did it and how you can too. Take a listen.


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