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Choose to Pay Annually or Month to Month

In May of 2019, we launched a new way for our members to pay their Republic Wireless bill – our annual payment option. We’ve seen requests from members voicing a desire to pay their bill a year in advance. The option to pay annually has become more popular for other services, so we investigated how our members could benefit. Our goal has always been to provide flexible and affordable service. This felt like a natural next step in our mission to deliver incredible savings.

Why We Decided to Offer the Annual Payment Option

Set-it and forget-it mentality

When you choose to pay for your service an entire year in advance, you not only get 12 months for the price of 10, but also peace of mind. Many of us find ourselves keeping track of a variety of monthly payments – internet, cable, mortgages, rent, electricity, water, student loans, etc. The list can be quite extensive! With our annual payment option, your service with us is one less thing you have to keep track of month to month. 

Ease & convenience

We never want our service to be a financial burden on you, but rather the opposite. It’s always our hope that by being a Republic Wireless member, you can use your savings with us in other areas of your life. If our annual payment option offers even more wiggle room in your budget for the more important things, we want to celebrate that! Your cell phone company should easily fit into your lifestyle – especially your budget.

Additional savings

Did we mention you get 12 months for the price of 10 with our annual payment option? No matter which plan you choose, the savings can really add up. Thinking up new ways to save you more and more on your wireless bill is a core part of our Republic Wireless DNA. We can’t help it!

More options for greater flexibility and service value

You have the option to choose the payment method that best suits your budget and personal preference. Between paying month to month, or for the entire year in advance at one time, we give you the freedom to decide. Even if you have multiple My Choice service lines on your account, you get to decide how to pay for each of them individually (monthly or annually). Why should we be making that decision for you? Hint: we shouldn’t.

How you can take advantage of the annual payment option

Month to month payment option

If you’ve learned more about our annual payment option and don’t feel that it would be a great fit for you, we of course will always offer our monthly payment option. We’re aware that depending on your financial situation, paying for an entire year of service up front is not always feasible for everyone. No matter your situation, the decision is always yours to make.

As a Republic Wireless member, you can rest assured that we’re constantly looking for ways to save you even more money with our service. If you’re considering making the switch to Republic Wireless to take advantage of great member benefits like our annual payment option, check out our plans page and sign up for our service today.

The annual payment option is only available with our My Choice plans. You cannot change your preset monthly data allotment throughout your yearly data cycle – you can still add one time data for $5 per GB when needed. Annual payments are non-refundable. Prices do not include taxes and telecom fees. The annual payment option will auto-renew after 12 months, but you can change this setting any time.

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