People Helping People: A Direct(ly) Approach


At Republic, we believe in helping each other out as much as possible. We also believe in “different strokes for different folks” and that’s why we offer multiple ways to get help:

  1. Just a few of our superb help folks, ready to help you!
    Just a few of our superb help folks, ready to help you!

    Our awesome Help Team is always committed to finding you a solution and giving you a great experience, no matter the issue, via email and LiveChat support.

  2. Our Knowledge Center is chock-full of helpful information for those DIY’ers who enjoy more of a “self-help” approach.
  3. Our Community of members is where our members and Ambassadors really shine. Above all, we believe that “people helping people” provides a genuine and friendly connection between members. We are proud of) (and continually amazed by) how many Republic members come to our Community to provide quick, effective answers in an open, collaborative, atmosphere.

We believe in this “people-helping-people” approach so strongly that we’re adding a 4th way to get help that extends the collective knowledge of our Community to people who don’t normally participate in it. For those who prefer to open a ticket, we can now offer Directly support. Directly is an on-demand customer support service which allows us to route specific types of questions to a small panel of Expert customers. These Experts help troubleshoot common problems and answer non-account specific questions.

But, we can talk about what support through Directly is like all day. Let’s see the results in action:  

We’ve been working with Directly on an extensive behind-the-scenes pilot and are thrilled with the results we’ve seen so far:

  • Quick, accurate, answers to nearly 30% of Republic Wireless support tickets.
  • More than 25,000 Republic Wireless customers helped already.
  • Response time under 3 minutes!
  • 90% Average Customer Satisfaction rating.

Customer Satisfaction Rating from Directly to date:

png;base64df7ec0c4c52377d0While we have several months of a successful pilot under our belts, we’re still early in our use of the platform. We’re committed to working toward a seamless user experience in partnership with the Directly team, and will actively monitor customer satisfaction ratings and feedback to ensure the highest quality. As we continue to scale the program, we’d love to discuss opportunities for more Republic members’ eligibility to become an Expert. So if you’re interested, stay tuned!

For more details, review our Knowledge Center document. And as always, head over to Community to share your thoughts and comments.

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8 thoughts on “People Helping People: A Direct(ly) Approach”

  1. We can only hear a caller with the speaker option. The caller is online, but we unable to hear them, we put the open speaker on and there they are. hmmmm is our phone defective? yes the volume is on max.

  2. cant load apps. got standard go to community from republic. Didnt help. Anyone on here familliar with this issue on defy xt? Tried hard reset. Tried erasing menory card. no help. Get error message not enough memory….

  3. This is really a two part question but both are related.

    I have two phones on my plan and I want to know how the plan change is going to effect my bill. I have Defy XT and 2nd Generation E phone. Right now my bill is about $29 a month. I have unlimited on the Defy XT and no Data on the 2nd Generation E. That being said if I would to buy a newer phone and drop the Defy XT how would that change my bill. Since I live on a fixed income the answers to these questions are very important to me.

  4. I’m sitting in my office, plenty of cell coverage and Wi-Fi this phone has connected with a few days ago. No cell connection, can’t even find the Wi-Fi signal. Could you help me get my phone to work?

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