Perfect Tens – Life Without Cellular Data on Republic’s $10 Plan.

If you’ve been following Republic, you know that we don’t keep with the norm when it comes to the rest of the industry. We don’t go against the grain because we think it makes us look cool or will allow us to sell more phones. We do it because we believe “different” in the cellular industry means fair, flexible, and affordable.

Have you turned on the TV lately? You were more than likely bombarded with messages about massive cellular data plans trying to convince you that you need more data. (“Unleash the Data Hounds” ring a bell?) But while the rest of the industry is pushing for bigger cellular data plans, the majority of our members are opting for the plan with no cellular data. In fact, throughout the course of 2014, the number of members choosing the $10 plan (cellular talk & text with WiFi data) grew by 407%! That doesn’t mean our members aren’t consuming data. In that same year, our members offloaded 19.2 petabytes of data – the equivalent of all the information in the Library of Congress…380 times! The difference is they’re offloading to WiFi. They’ve figured out how to beat the system and save a pretty penny in the process.


So how does someone make it through the day without using cellular data? In order to give a proper perspective of life on the $10 plan, I sought out one of our many members that use the plan every day, George B. Before making the switch to Republic, George had been with one of the big carriers for 11 years. He had a feature phone (non-smartphone) and was paying $45 a month for unlimited talk and text. Needless to say, when George’s contract ended, he was in search of a better solution.

What brought you to Republic?

“I had made up my mind to find something better, get a smartphone, stay out of a contract, and for less money. My search eventually led me to Republic. I really liked what I read about Republic and went to your site and continued my research. To say the least…I didn’t believe what I was reading. Eventually, it sank in. I can try it for 30 days, and if I don’t like it, return the phone, cancel the plan and go on about my life. Risk free.”

What ultimately led you to the $10 plan?

“I did the math, what I saved per month with the $10.00 plan over the $45.00 plan, paid for the Moto X in about 8.5 months. Not to mention, I got an awesome smartphone with awesome specs, camera, etc. And unlimited talk, text, and data (via WiFi). And did I mention…No contract! It was a no brainer… just had to convince myself it was real.”

How has your cellular experience been without having cellular data?

The $10 plan really places no significant restrictions on my needs and use. It’s a phone for talk and text and a small tablet for fun. If I need the fun when not at home, there is always some fast food chain I can pull up to. That goes for navigation also. I plug in my destinations before leaving my home and navigate offline. If I need to get another destination, I just pull into a McDonald’s parking lot, or wherever, and use their WiFi. These Motorola phones really reach out and grab WiFi.”

What are your thoughts on using WiFi over data?

“It’s everywhere! For me, paying for cellular data is a waste. Bottom line, I love WiFi, and use it as much as I can. It saves me money and I guess helps Republic to provide this very reasonable service to it’s clients.”

Any other thoughts?

“Essentially, I’m a person that doesn’t like waste, whether money, material, data or otherwise. The $10.00 plan saves me $35.00 per month over my old plan. That’s not a lot compared to others that are spending way more with companies that are more than glad to take it. But for me, it’s $35.00 I don’t have to spend.”

With the growing presence of WiFi, we’re not surprised to see more and more of our members joining George on the $10 plan. We’ll continue to move towards WiFi as our primary network, regardless of what the rest of the industry is up to, because it frees up dollars for our members to spend on the things that matter most to them.


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4 thoughts on “Perfect Tens – Life Without Cellular Data on Republic’s $10 Plan.”

  1. I use an app for navigation that is GPS based only. I have about 1/2 the states preloaded, and then I don’t have to stop on the way as you said in your article. The app is called “Navigation”. I drove from Iowa to Colorado to ski, then to Salt Lake City, then Big Sky and back using this app, all offline. I also used it when I drove into Canada last summer, and it worked just fine! It has maps for the entire world, just pick the places you want loaded via wifi before your trip.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Your offline GPS app sounds great! I’d love to try it out, but can’t find it on the app store. Would you mind posting a link to it for me? Thank you!

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