Press Box: April Recap

A special note – April was a remarkable month here at Republic Wireless.  I’ve been in the wireless industry 20+ years now and just when I thought I had seen it all, nearly three years ago, I met and started working with the team at Republic Wireless. They don’t pay me to say this – but it’s truly one of the most remarkable companies I’ve ever had the opportunity to watch stretch and grow. I credit a lot of that to David Morken’s leadership – he is the real deal and watching him motivate his employees to double down on the things that make them special is a lesson that I wish we could bottle for every newly minted MBA.

It’s easy when the hard work has been done for big companies to swoop in…and all too often in the race to cover the next big thing, media easily forget the small team that labored over every software update, every operations upgrade, every product launch, every marketing initiative, and much more. Having media recognize Republic’s hard work means the world to us. Having our members follow along with all the news, and sharing our story on their own social media channels was, as my Grandmother would say, “icing on the cake.” – Cherie Gary, Public Relations

A headline that says it all. “Favorite Headline Award” goes to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Bloomberg BusinessWeek was one of the first publications to see that WiFi as the primary network had the potential to reshape the industry in the years to come. Thanks Olga, Scott, Brendan, and Joshua for continuing to follow our adventures.

Look at that headline!

Money back in your pocket. Brian Fung is just the kind of sharp reporter we love working with – he gets it – and quickly! From The Washington PostDon’t use all of your cellular data in a month? This company will give you a refund.

CNET’s Maggie Reardon writes “This is a drastic departure from how the wireless industry has operated in recent years.” While Ryan Knutson at The Wall Street Journal notes “U.S. wireless carriers in the middle of a price war have been able to take refuge in one fact: Subscribers are often paying for more data than they use. Now that bulwark is under attack as well.

Google is pushing the market – and that’s a good thing! In case you are one of those stock market types and wondering how this might impact things in the future – The Motley Fools, known to be the outlet to educate, amuse and enrich, have it covered.

This is a revolution. It’s the beginning of a changed world. It’s a WiFi first world” – No one is sure when David Morken sleeps. He was on Fox News not once, but twice during our big week. Gerri Willis notes that average American consumer wastes $28 a month on unused cellular data.

What a novel concept – After the Bell invited David to talk about what Republic has already been doing for four years. And, that for at least 48 hours, Republic Wireless was first to do the right thing – pay customers back for all unused cellular data. Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.


Stay tuned for our next installment. Something tells us this party is just getting started!

P.S. If you have a local reporter interested in our story, send them this way! If you are a reporter and want to get in touch – email us at and we’ll be back in touch pronto.

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