Press Box: February Recap


February was a great month for Republic in the press – including mentions in both The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times! We’ve collected some of the best articles below. Extra, extra! Read all about it!

  • Wink wink, nudge nudge… Indeed, we are enjoying the art of the nudge via Forbes, and the reporters who are just discovering that Republic Wireless has been leading the WiFi charge for four years: “WiFi can bring the cost down for the next few billion people who are not online yet. Carriers such as Republic Wireless have already started doing that…”
  • Are the Big 4 taking notes yet? Republic Wireless already knows how to run a phone service. Rumor has it that a certain Quartz reporter is testing Republic Wireless on a 2nd Gen. Moto X. Stay tuned!
  • Reporters are getting brave by ditching their cell phones. Imagine that! The Wall Street Journal’s Ryan Knutson (one of our favorites) ditches his cellular-only phone to go WiFi-only and lives to tell about it! (WSJ subscription required to view full article.)
  • CNET’s Maggie Reardon is a sharp reporter, too. WiFi-only service makes sense, depending on how and where you use your smartphone. Republic’s $10 plan gives members the extra precaution of unlimited cellular talk and text. Maggie explores the case for WiFi in her popular “Ask Maggie” column.
  • “Roll Tide, Roll!” and hello, War Eagles fans. Seems like folks from Mobile, Alabama enjoy a good deal when they see one. Watch this special segment on Mobile’s CBS affiliate about Republic Wireless.
  • Yes, Republic founder and CEO David Morken really IS that cool. Hear from the man himself as he talks about helping employees “do more than they ever dreamed” and how he doesn’t believe in “yelling” through advertising in this iTunes podcast from Middle Market Executive.
  • The Washington Post chimes in too – read all about it. “[S]ince 2012 an independent carrier known as Republic Wireless has offered service that tries to place calls over WiFi hotspots first before turning to the more expensive cellular network.”
  • Just in case you missed it – New York Times reporter Brian Chen reports from San Francisco/Silicon Valley. The comments are…well, priceless! Republic fans set the record straight. Many newspapers and news websites pick up NY Times pieces with new headlines. Our favorite is from the Buffalo News – Giants may follow in the footsteps of small companies.
  • Consumer Reports calls it like it is in a recent article about CableVision’s new phone service: “Republic Wireless got there first […] Republic and others offer similar pricing [to CableVision] and better service.” That’s huge! Thank you!

What’s next? David Morken does Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. MWC, as the event is affectionately called by insiders, is the world’s largest trade event (and when we say large, it’s LARGE) for all things wireless. In the next issue, we’ll interview David about his trip.

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