Press Box: January & February

February is the month for love … From reporters to customers, thanks so much for continuing to show us the love!  We remain humbled. Word of mouth whether a news outlet, a blog or social media post – not expensive advertising – helps us fulfill our mission to help you save and put more money back in your pocket. Your kind words, recommendations, suggestions, and call outs are … #justawesomeWithout further ado, here’s the February press box.

Customer Patrick Griffith made us blush.

twitter_commentHave faith Patrick – Republic Wireless marketing guys, (well guys and gals) did happen to stumble across your post. New slogan’s aside: PatOnPurpose packs a lot of wisdom in this post:  Phone Addiction: 27 Signs You Might Have a Problem and the 1 Easy Fix.

The Phone Companies People Actually Love – Long-time industry watcher and reporter, Olga Kharif of Bloomberg BusinessWeek weighs in on the resurgence of MVNOs.  And their growing popularity: “Three MVNO brands—Consumer Cellular, Ting, and Republic Wireless—sit at the top of Consumer Reports’ latest industry rankings for customer service satisfaction. The giant names score the worst.” Music to our ears.

And what’s not to love about  … 10 Ways To Find Fast Cash, More Savings – Tips compliments of the awesome team at personal finance website NerdWallet.

And a shout out to the uber smart Kristin Wong, a personal finance writer who just keeps on keeping on, … this time it’s 5 Monthly Expenses You are Probably Paying Too Much for via Mental Floss.

Girls rock, especially when it comes to paying it forward! Visit our offices and you might think for a moment that our team is looking young … really young! You aren’t seeing things – it’s probably a TechGirlz meeting. Led by Deirdre Clarke, director of product management at Bandwidth, and a team of other technically-inclined Triangle ladies, TechGirlz is an organization geared towards middle-school aged girls to expose them to technology with the end goal of getting them interested in a STEM career in the future. Tech isn’t just for “nerdy guys” … The idea behind TechGirlz is a noble one – to expose local girls to different facets of technology, but in particular, tech’s intersections with business, and careers in graphic design or medicine for example.

twitter_comment2Another great Tweet from customer @Karla_Shields  – here’s to the tiny house, AND tiny cell phone movement!


To rent or buy … textbooks – check.  Cars  – Depends. Phones? Christian Science Monitor says “the absolute best financial move may be going with a cheaper phone and a cheaper service provider. No. 1 on that list would be Republic Wireless. You have to pay for your phone up front (options starting at $129), but your average bill for monthly service would be just $13.82!”

Wi-Fi calling is beginning to transform the way enterprises support cellular devices says Peter Thornycroft an engineer with HP/Aruba in this article for Network World.

Save Hundreds on Cell Phone Bills. A big shout out to Holly and Greg Johnson, the dynamic duo behind  Club Thrifty, one of our go-to blogs. Long-time Republic customers, these guys are super serious about saving money to fund their passion for travel.

IMHO, there is just nothing nerdy about saving money. That said at Republic “No cellular data” never means no cellular data – with Republic you are always in control of how much cell data.  The $10 plan today, the $25 plan with a 1G of cellular data tomorrow to share your road trip. The only difference is more money stays in your pocket. A review in Nerd Wallet

We are so honored to be your first review video … A new Moto E review from ChocolateGalaxy is yummy.  A Hershey’s Kiss to you Chocolate Galaxy.

And will you succeed? Yes you will indeed. (98 and ¾% guaranteed!)” – Dr. Seuss.  Here’s a shout out to The Droid Guy – we appreciate the kind words and yes, we double, triple and pinky swear that Republic Wireless will have a lot to offer customers in 2016 and beyond.

Until next month! – Cherie

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