Press Box: January Recap

We had lots of great press this past month. We’ve collected some of the best to share with you, so come check out what the cool kids are saying about us!

  • Independent consumer expert Clark Howard once again proves he’s a savvy saver, this time sharing his wisdom (and love of Republic) with Gerri Willis of Fox.
  • Citing the findings of a survey of 62,353 readers of Consumer Reports, Clark also says Republic is his top pick when it comes to wireless service. (He even put his own father-in-law on Republic Wireless service!)
  • Talk about a grand entrance! Welcome to the WiFi party, Google. “Turns out Republic Wireless was on to something,” says The Verge.
  • Light Reading gives Republic props for being the first to introduce WiFi calling. (THANK YOU!)
  • The Washington Post chimes in, too – read all about it here. And yes, David Morken is that cool.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Ryan Knutson tells it like it is right here.

Thanks for reading and helping spread the word. Tune in next month for more!

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