Press Box: July

Ladies and gentleman … The man himself – the world’s first known, much loved* consumer tech reviewer – Executive Editor of The Verge and co-founder of Re/code …  it’s Walt Mossberg talking WiFi calling and Republic Wireless in this great “Control Walt Delete” podcast from @Verge. And in this review published by Recode and The Verge. Seriously, Walt has followed Republic from its earliest days, given us great feedback and much more – thank you, Walt, for keeping us on our toes.

*unless he finds fault in your product

With the thermometer rising … some beach reading seems in order … In case you missed it, here it is again – this time in the Tampa Bay Times, Brian Chen’s, of the New York Times, most excellent review of Republic Wireless and Google’s Project Fi. Spoiler Alert: We’re better.

There’s a reason people trust Clark Howard to tell you like it is – much like Consumer Reports, Clark and team are un-influence-able (did we make up a word?) … meaning they figure out what to recommend on their own, with zero help from brands – so it means an extra lot to us when they continue to give shout-outs to Republic Wireless like this one, and this one, this one, and this one. Thank you, thank you, Clark Howard and team – we love you back and we can’t wait to hear you at FinCon 2016!

It’s SexyBack minus Justin, but better! Our favorite mohawk sportin’, Dad of two/husband of one personal finance favorite – J$ aka J Money of Budgets Are Sexy is back in a big way … here via Business Insider, and here too … we look forward to seeing you at FinCon too! San Diego, here we come!

How sweet it is to be in love … with WiFi Savings … Written originally for Nerd Wallet, but now running in the digital editions of papers across the country, Stephen Lawton tells you like he sees it – What WiFi Calling Is and How it Can Save You Money.

Trust me, on July 28th, we said “Yahoo” too … thanks, Christian de Looper for this nice piece in Yahoo! Finance.

Some of us still like the fine feel of newsprint in our hands … even when it’s pink … or is that peach? … This in Investor’s Business Daily. IBD is the gold standard worldwide for investor news, and they typically don’t cover companies that aren’t publically traded, so we take it as an extra nice complement that they found our news exciting.

Tired of Carrier Fees? Republic Wireless was too. A big thanks to Lynn La and the entire, awesome CNET team for continuing to follow our news.

A shout out to our industry friends at RCR Wireless. Long-time industry watcher and Editor Dan Meyer recently sat down with our very own Chris Chuang to talk everything WiFi calling – catch it here.

And last, but certainly not least, a shout out to Fred Fishkin who has been watching the world of wireless almost as long as I have. In this Bootcamp segment, Fred interviews David Morken and Chris Chuang.  

Till next month! –  Cherie – aka Republic’s PR lady.

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