Press Box: June Recap

Each month, we take a look at what all the cool kids are saying about us on the Internet. June was a good one! Check out all the latest news about us below:

  • Change is in the air! While we talk to reporters a lot – sometimes just to help them understand the how industry is moving – even we admit to swooning a bit when The Economist calls. Their tech editor nails it…“IN TECHNOLOGY the next big thing usually starts small and scrappy. Incumbents ignore it, trapped in their ways of doing things, until it is too late.” They go on to say: “‘WiFi first’ technology will be great for consumers, disruptive for mobile firms.”
  • Do you ever find yourself looking for your reading glasses to see what’s on your phone? The larger screen size of the Moto X (2nd Gen.) is a refreshing change for those of us with older (but definitely wiser) eyes. So just in case you missed this sweet deal – the Moto X (2nd Gen.) is now just $299 at Republic – PhoneDog reports the details.
  • Michael Humprey isn’t necessarily being a cheapskate…but a savvy saver! From Forbes: My Cheapskate Experiment: Replacing MacBook And Galaxy With $300 Technology – “I freaking love Republic Wireless. For less than $30 a month, I have unlimited data, calls and texting. That’s because most of the time all of that is happening over WiFi. The phone, almost always, seamlessly moves from 3G to WiFi whenever it can. There are hiccups at times, but nothing too serious, and it has already improved in the six months I’ve used the service. I planned on saving over $1000, but now I’m saving close to $30 per month on the carrier too.” We “freaking” love it too Michael!
  • There are some very smart cats at Juniper Research. Recent research shows that WiFi will carry up to 60% of Mobile Data Traffic by 2019 – equivalent to over 115,000 Petabytes of Data, or over 6 Billion Blu-ray movies.
  • “We’re moving to cheaper, more reliable, and faster.” We love (seriously love!) Clark Howard and team – America’s top money savings gurus and Republic Wireless early enthusiasts. Clark tests all the latest, including Project Fi, to be sure he’s giving his readers the latest advice. He says: “I’m telling you, between Google and Republic Wireless, the Verizons and AT&Ts of the world will be dinosaurs with their very expensive plans.”
  • It is way too easy to blow your paycheck before you even have it! It’s not too late to change that habit though., Business Insider, and The Seattle Times’ reporter, Tess Fame details 10 ways you’re blowing your paycheck before you even get paid. Check out #8 especially, with the Moto X/2nd Gen now at a permanent $100-off price drop.
  • How many of these do you do? If you are looking for even more savvy money saving ideas, writing for and, Allison Martin gives you 18 ways to save up to $100 this week. She says: “Check out the free or steeply reduced price options, such as Republic Wireless. They do the job just as well as the big boys. I know from experience.” We know from experience too that Allison is a pretty sharp lady.
  • From Time MagazineThe mobile trend to watch? “WiFi first” coverage. And when it comes to seamless connectivity from WiFi to cellular, Republic Wireless leads the way. Did you know Republic has some 25+ patents protecting its intellectual property for seamless connectivity?! Yep!
  • Here’s another smart guy weighing in:  For the industry watchers amongst our readers, it’s Moore’s law according to analyst Claus Hetting, also Chairman and CEO of WiFi Now.  For RCR Wireless he writes: “If Moore was right, then it’s inevitable that mass-market public WiFi will happen. And if that happens, it’s only a question of time before mobile is relegated to keeping folks online during the 5% the time they’re not in WiFi range at home, the office and in public spaces. That means in our cars and outside cities. That idea of course is at the heart of the WiFi First movement, which thus far is happening only in the U.S.”
  • Meanwhile, our brethren at parent company Bandwidth are always up to cool things. Seriously cool things. TADHack Raleigh is a two-day developer hackathon where teams competed to build the next great advancement in communications technology. TADHack is a global event that was held in 14 countries at one time. Check out the grand prize – Search the web with SMS – this app uses text messaging to deliver online search to populations lacking internet access. How cool is that?!
  • And finally, a BIG shout to our to our awesome Supply Chain Management team! With the help of the great folks at ModusLink, Republic Wireless’ e-commerce Business-to-Consumer Fulfillment Program was Named One of the Year’s “100 Great Supply Chain Projects” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine.

For more great press, check out previous months’ mentions. And, tune in next month for another round! Thanks for your support!

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3 thoughts on “Press Box: June Recap”

  1. I am waiting for Republic Wireless to do something about customer service before I switch. If I have a problem, I want to be able to reach a real, live person who will help me with my problem. I don’t want to leave a message, HOPING that someone will return my call……………….

    1. Republic Wireless has by far the best customer service in wireless, plus it has a vibrant community that is also very helpful. Their customer service responds thru chat & email in my experiences dealing with them, and they are fast at responding. Comparing them to my experiences with other carriers, I give Republic an A+ in customer service. So if this is all that’s hanging you up, then jump right in and start saving.

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