Press Box: March Recap

Readers Choice LatestHow sweet the sound of WINNING is. In case you missed it, editors and readers of, the leading online brand for labs-based product reviews, tech news, and much more bestowed its prestigious 2015 Readers’ Choice Award on Republic Wireless. A runner up last year, this year, we blew everyone out of the water with high kudos and recognition when it comes to value and overall network coverage. Let anyone still with one of the “Big 4” carriers read the facts here. And as Sascha Segan, a long-time follower of Republic says: Don’t follow the leader.

Ten Little Luxuries I am willing to pay for – courtesy of Business Insider via A shout out and thanks to our friend Lance Cothern, the man behind the popular blog who has been reviewing and following Republic for a while now. Rumor has it that Mrs. Money Manifesto is one step ahead, and Lance is joining the Republic as soon as his contract is up…we look forward to it!

Our favorite headline for the month:  Inc. Magazine’s How to Ditch Your Cellphone Carrier for Good. Citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use Survey, Americans ages 25 to 54 spend roughly 8.7 hours each day at work, and 7.7 hours sleeping. That leaves less than eight hours where we’re in need of reliable wireless access. Why pay more? Or is it WiFi – Why not?

Runner-up for favorite headline:  You’re Paying Too Much for Wireless from Um, yeah! You think?! The author shows lots of curiosity for Google’s plans…but acknowledges carriers like Republic Wireless pioneered the model and now everyone is trying to jump on board. Welcome to the WiFi bandwagon!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…Google. Actually, we think it’s sort of fantastic as it validates what we’ve been saying for the past four years. Or as our CEO David Morken is fond of saying “The water is warm. Jump in!” Quartz reports that Google is trying to build a phone service to show phone companies how to run a phone service. Should we let them in on the secret? It’s a big job! Reportedly Google’s service will debut initially in markets with Google Fiber and will only work on its Nexus 6 smartphone – also made by Motorola.

Fool me once…What do you tell your friend showing off their latest iPhone? Former journalist Daniel Kline and author of Worst Ideas Ever, writing for Motley Fool says “It’s tempting to have the latest Apple iPhone or the hottest Samsung Galaxy device, but it will cost you throughout the life of the phone.” Most experts believe the Moto X/2nd Generation is on par with both the iPhone 6 and Galaxy 5 in terms of features and functionality, but at $399 with no contract, the Republic Wireless Moto X/2Gen ensures several hundred George Washington’s left in your wallet. Nothing foolish about these cherries.

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