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A mad, mad world…It’s March Madness for sure. You can feel it in the air around our office – it’s almost crackling with excitement. It’s a fair bet that on Saturday that most of the Republic Wireless team will be cheering on the University of North Carolina basketball team as they take on Syracuse in a race to the top. Naturally, we can’t help but draw a parallel to the cellular industry madness. A huge THANK YOU to all the hard working journalists and bloggers who take the time to pay attention to important details and test our service. You are helping us change the game for the better of all.

The team working with money saving guru Clark Howard are a really smart bunch. We read “Why the iPhone and other high-end smartphones are losing appeal quickly” with great interest. Long-time advocates for looking at alternatives to the higher prices charged by the Big 4, the team dives into a timely question:

Are consumers really going to pay full price for a new phone as cell phone plans deviate away from the subsidized phone model?

Citing research from a mobile shopping app Branding Brand conducted in advance of the modest updates to Apple’s latest iPhone, it turns out 78% of Millennials, Gen X’ers, and Baby Boomers are pretty content with the devices currently in their pockets.

Common wisdom says you get what you pay for:

Here at Republic Wireless we’re hard at work turning that conventional wisdom on its head – a shout out to Gear & Style Cheat Sheet. What’s not to love?

“…looking beyond those choices can save you a lot of money in the long run. And in most cases, switching to another carrier won’t cause your phone’s performance to take a hit, especially because there are countless alternative carriers that use the same networks as the big companies, just without the sky-high prices.”

With a mission like this: “Working together to change your habits, build up your marriage and money” we can’t help but smile contently. Elle Martinez, the author behind the popular Couple Money podcast and blog, is a very smart cookie. Fortunately for us, Elle lives right down the street and is a long-time Republic Wireless customer. In 5 Steps to prepare your finances become a stay at home parent she shows us how her family lives on one income and has a lot of fun with the second.

Play it again Sam…

Spring is here, Spring is here, Spring is here. How do you think we know? We just saw a bluebird…” Taking the time to clean up, de-clutter and organize your tech life will certainly pay off. Jonathan Rettinger, president of one of our favorite mobile guru sites TechnoBuffalo, tells you how in Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life in The Huffington Post.

Wow, just wow! Check it out:

Mr. Money Mustache makes an appearance in The New Yorker. His uber popular blog remains one of our must reads of the week. According to the New Yorker “It combines the “deductive discipline of Mr. Spock, the D.I.Y. proficiency of MacGyver, and the gleeful certitude (and knack for coinage) of Ignatius J. Reilly…The consumer-waste complex is his confederacy of dunces.” Congrats Pete – we plan to earn you back and wow your socks off again…soon, very soon, my friend.

Smart money saving advice we all can definitely Make Use Of! There is nothing geeky about knowing what not to pay for.

A new twist on “taken to the cleaners”:

Too many people leave their cell phone service on autopilot paying more than they need to. This month we stumbled on a new blog that we can appreciate – Married to Medicine – a blog with a strong dose of common sense. “Former lawyer, current stay-at-home parent. Midwesterner stranded on the East Coast. Christian. Feminist. Foodie and Recipe Collector…” This smart Mom blogs about the realities of life as a stay-at-home parent with a spouse in medical residency and fellowship at MGH/Dana-Farber. High-five our hard working doctors and the cleaners who help us enjoy life just a bit more.

For more great press, check out previous months’ mentions. And, tune in next month for another round! Thanks for your support!

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