Press Box: May Recap

Photo courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

It’s been said “Life begins at retirement”…well, we believe in celebrating the good life now, but there’s nothing foolish about saving big and saving early for retirement. Here’s what the Motley Fool has to say about 10 easy ways to save more for retirement. We’re partial to #8, but lots of us here are #9’ers too.

When it comes to smart ways to save a whole lot of dough…the Dough Roller knows all the secrets. Hear from Rob Berger on Republic Wireless here. We like his advice – “Make more. Spend less. Invest the rest.” Enough said.

It all adds up – the pennies, the dimes, the dollars. From MSN Money Talks: Here’s how to save $10 this week with a little elbow grease and some advance planning. We love being sweet 16.

RevolutionizeReinventDisrupt. As in, revolutionizing, reinventing, and disrupting wireless as we know it…It’s not easy to change the world of wireless when the other guys have their eye on their own bottom line. Republic was first to offer a fair deal, straight-forward talk, and no funny business in the fine print. Now others are catching on…The Boston Globe examines Google’s new Project Fi offering. Read more here.

Thanks WSJ!

We love this headline from Ryan Knutson of The Wall Street Journal: “Google learns from Republic Wireless, which is trying to turn the business on its head.” Darn right! But we couldn’t do it without our amazing members! Thank you for all you do!

Never a carrier to rest on our laurels, Republic continues to nudge the industry further…In April, Republic became the first carrier to announce its intention to refund customers back penny for penny for all unused data. Collaboration has always been a part of our DNA so we are relying on thousands of customers to help shape our new pricing plans and the customer experience that goes along with it. Local reporter David Rannii with the Raleigh News & Observer stopped by the office to check on our progress and talks to several customers.

Hello Silicon Valley…Can you hear us now? When it comes to changing the wireless game, Raleigh-area engineers and workers are leading the way. We welcomed WRAL-TV, the local CBS affiliate, to our offices to see first-hand how we’re taking the industry in a new direction.

Wow! “Republic Wireless is visionary, and it won our Readers’ Choice award for it…the leader in merging WiFi calling with cellular to dramatically drop rates.” That’s high praise coming from the tech experts over at PCMag. Thank you!

P.S. If you are a reporter and want to get in touch – email us at and we’ll be back in touch pronto.

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