Press Box: May

Republic Wireless is very fortunate to have the ear of many prominent journalists cheering us on from behind the scenes.  These hard working guys and gals see and hear it all! And I mean all – the latest, the greatest, the good, the bad. (The last time we were in the DC offices of the Wall Street Journal, the newest connected refrigerator from Samsung sat in the lobby.)

So it was with great excitement that we boarded the plane for New York City so we could deliver “the news everyone had been waiting for.” New phones, new carrier!  Republic Wireless will soon be available on smartphones from 4 of the 5 leading Android manufacturers – all the details here and on Republic’s blog – 7 New Phones Coming This July!

Media reaction was very positive – several of these reporters are long-time customers which is the ultimate compliment. No way, no how do we pay them or give them free service – they are customers just like anyone else. One even told us his two sons were customers.

Read all about their first impressions here:

Bloomberg/BusinessWeekRepublic Wireless Adds ‘Magenta’ Network Partner, Samsung Phones

CNETRepublic Wireless Gets More Phones for its Cheap WiFi Mobile Service

PC MagazineRepublic Wireless Ups Phone and Network Options

The VergeRepublic Wireless finally has good phones to go with its cheap plans

Radio Interview with Fred Fishkin of BootcampRepublic Wireless adds phones, financing and more.

Android PoliceRepublic Wireless Brings Its A Game: New GSM Partner And Plenty Of Modern Devices To Choose From Starting July

Talk AndroidRepublic Wireless is finally adding some decent phones to its plans and picking up a second carrier

In other big news, Republic Wireless launches its new Clear Choice Plans – We continue to shake it up and pass the savings on to you. More here on Android Police.

Ah J$, Budgets Are Sexy and we love, love, love you.  We celebrate one of our favorite bloggers, J$ (and his wife) who are now “half a millionaires” – following tried and true strategies where they challenge everything and save smartly.  This dynamic duo, parents of two young ‘uns, have now saved more than $3000 since starting to use Republic Wireless.  Go for it J$ – You inspire us!!

Hello Oklahoma! Thanks for the shout out in Tulsa – From Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Great deals on wireless phone plans, tech

Cell phone expenses can take a big bite out of your wallet according to Alligator Maine. Inspired by one of favorite financial bloggers, Mr. Money Mustache, this former Florida native and now Maine resident recently took the plunge , ditching his long time cellular provider AT&T for Republic Wireless. Not surprising – he’s saving a wad-do cash.

Yep, 7 new phones coming this July Stephen Layton … thanks for covering the current details in one of our favorite saving sites – Nerd Wallet. And in Christian Science Monitor –it’s a bit like Sesame Street when it comes to MVNO’s – one thing is not like the other. Most MVNOs are simply reselling a vanilla flavor of a Big 4’s service to a niche market … we happen to think two networks are better than one.

Just knowing that we are helping people across the country to save … it’s gratifying like you wouldn’t believe. How often do you spend $100? – It’s not hard to do these days! Check out some good tips for saving one hundred Benjamin Franklin’s in One hundred dollars is keeping you from investing.

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2 thoughts on “Press Box: May”

  1. The article in the New York Times is great, too, although I think it gets the price incorrect, and fails to mention international calling over WiFi.
    Also: just FYI for those of you who are considering Project Fi: they are having a problem with the Nexus 5X which is unable to roam. The rollout to US Cellular has also been super problematic.

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