Press Box: October Recap


May the kind words spread like wildfire – this month one of the nation’s most popular consumer savings gurus and one our favorite “kick booty” personal finance bloggers share their secret to savvy saving: Republic Wireless. Thank you, thank you, thank you guys!

  • Clark Howard is one smart guy. This national money saving expert and his team work hard to decipher the fine print and recommend the best deals to their viewers and readers. You can imagine the high-five’s in our office when Clark reported that Republic is still his favorite, best deal.
  • Personal finance blogger J. Money of Budgets Are Sexy is a finance rock star. The advice is simple, yet profound: Review your major monthly bills and find ways to lower them. In the pursuit of saving, and Time Magazine outline some sage advice in their piece: 7 times when trying to save money can backfire where J$ shares that he saves over $100 a month in cell phone expenses by using Republic Wireless.
  • We could say “told you so” but we won’t because we are genuinely nice guys and gals…still its further validation that WiFi calling is quickly becoming the talk of the media town. Bloomberg/BusinessWeek details Comcast’s plans to enter consumer wireless – with, you guessed it – WiFi calling. As the reporters say: “The reality of mobile usage is that — most of the time — consumers aren’t mobile at all: They’re home, at work or in public areas where WiFi is increasingly available.”

For more great press, check out previous months’ mentions. And, tune in next month for another round! Thanks for your support!

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