Removing Republic verified WiFi Hotspots

In April, we introduced Republic verified WiFi Hotspots for our My Choice Plan members. We wanted to raise the standard of our members’ WiFi experience with seamless access to over 30 million hotspots nationwide, so we worked with a partner that provides software and access to this network of hotspots to make it happen.

Once we made this new feature available to our members, we found that in practice, it didn’t meet our standards for quality and reliability. Because of these findings, we can’t provide this feature to our members in good conscience and will not be offering it moving forward.

The Republic verified WiFi Hotspot feature has only been enabled by roughly 9% of our members, so the majority of those on  My Choice plans won’t notice any difference in service. Moving forward, an upcoming app update (version will remove the toggle switch for the feature from the settings menu within the Republic Wireless app.

For those members who have enabled and are using the feature, the same app update will remove the Republic verified WiFi Hotspot functionality in addition to removing the toggle switch. The app update will roll out starting next week. Beyond updating your Republic Wireless app, you won’t have to take any action.

We don’t like removing existing features. Our biggest concern is always to protect your member experience, balancing new features with reliability and quality of service. In this case, while the decision was difficult to make, we know it was the right call. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to post here; we’re happy to answer.

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