Republic Celebrates 6 Years of Service!

We’re beyond excited to celebrate our 6th year of providing you service! We’ve grown a lot as a company and as people in the last few years. This year for our birthday, we want to let you hear from our team what it’s like working with the dynamic group of people that make up Republic Wireless. I’ll kick it off!

Being raised by a Social Worker and a Teacher, service to others has always been one of my core values. I love that Republic shares this passion for service and provides many opportunities for us to get involved with our local community.

One of the things I admire most about my teammates is their commitment to giving 110% in everything we do. Day to day in the office giving your best is admirable but also expected. I feel proudest to be a part of this team in the moments I see this passion outside of our normal roles. From packing lunches for local students to putting out mulch at a community center, the Republic team always rises to the challenge with vigor, and a little competition :).

In August a group of us volunteered at the Green Chair Project, a nonprofit that provides a retail-like shopping experience for families in need of home furnishings. Our task for the day was building bed frames and making sure they had all the necessary pieces to go home with a family. I was impressed by our group’s ability to quickly come up with a gameplan and work for hours in the sun with no complaints or loss of momentum. Republic’s team spirit is like no other!


Chris C. aka “Chuangdo”

Happy Birthday to us!  I still remember the moment this company was born 6 years ago.  That night was one of the top highlights of my career, seeing a crazy idea we wanted to test literally turn into an overnight phenomenon, with about 300 times more people interested in our disruptive offering than we even dared to hope for.

But as exciting as that first night was, just like raising kids (I have 4 of them), the greatest joy is really watching and marveling at how something grows.

I am proud of many aspects of our growth. From our vast improvements in quality and member support to our ability to continue to challenge industry conventions time and time again to new innovation our team never ceases to invent.

However, what I love most about Republic and our team as I’ve watched us grow over the past 6 years is seeing the strength of our character and values never waver, and only mature further, despite many tests and challenges along the way. 

Here in our offices, we talk about 5 key “People Values” we look for in our team members and seek to constantly grow.

Our acronym for these 5 key values is C.H.A.S.E.  Which stands for, Commitment to our mission, Hungry to constantly learn and grow, Adaptable to changing circumstances, Smart problem solvers, and Empathetic and oriented to serving others.

While we don’t always get all of these right, I love that the character of our team and our company is to constantly strive to live out these key values.  I can’t wait to see what the next 6 years bring, as I feel like this amazing journey we are on with our team and members is just beginning.


Jerry J. aka “The Billy Goat”
Director of Operations

Here at Republic, it’s easy to get a group of people together.  Sometimes it’s for coffee, other times it’s for a bike ride, and often it’s to help others.  

15 of us got together one morning and decided to swing hammers to benefit the NCSU Build-A-Block project close to the office.  Some of us liked to build things, others of us wanted to learn, and all of us wanted to help this great cause.

The plan was simple, show up and build things… Right?  Well, as we quickly noticed, this chapter had an extensive plan building 11 townhomes, and organizing more than 5,000 volunteers accumulating over 20,000 hours!  We were quickly organized with other volunteers based on interest, skill, and available work.  A few folks put up siding, some others worked on framing, several people painted and installed trim, and the rest of us built picnic tables for a shared outdoor space.

We worked with the project leads, the site foreman, and the future homeowners.  We made new friends and learned new skills.  At the end of the day, we shared our stories, blisters, and a new sense of pride.  It wasn’t the accomplished work that made us feel good, it was the cause that we had participated in.  The community being built was inspirational, and we were all grateful for being part of its creation.


Barbara S. aka “Babs”
Director of Partnerships

Being a part of Republic Wireless means approaching marketing in a unique and exciting way: by putting people first. I love creating opportunities that allow us to engage with members – and folks we hope will become members – in situations where we can add to and improve an experience they’ve set out to enjoy or learn from.

Whether it’s getting out on the field with our youth soccer partners to offer families a memorable photo and megaphone to cheer from, or adding a group art experience to a traditional tailgate at BYU,

Getting to meet people face-to-face and share the things that matter to them allows us to develop more meaningful connections with one another.

One of the things happening now that I’m most excited about is our Pop Up Shop in Downtown Raleigh. For over three months we have a dedicated space in our hometown community that we’ve designed to feel like a home – and having members come visit and spend time at our new pad has already been incredible for our staff – and hopefully all of the awesome people we’ve met and chatted with so far over coffee and snacks in our kitchen. If you’re in the area come check us out! We can’t wait to meet you.


Jonathan K. aka “JK”
Director of Customer Support 

Happy Birthday, Republic! One of the great things about working with this team is the drive we all share. We push each other mentally and psychically with team challenges.

I recently participated in The Blue Ridge Relay with a team from Republic. The relay was a 205.8-mile race in the NC Blue Ridge mountains. Twelve runners joined the race from Republic. This relay was a great way to develop close relationships with other team members.

It was a huge challenge and it was awesome to complete that challenge with Republic team members who are close friends.

Republic does amazing things throughout the year to raise money for local charities. One of the highlights every year is Spirit Week where we create teams with people across departments to compete against our colleagues for paid time off. We have a great time playing games and enjoy it that much more because we know we are raising money for causes that are close to our hearts.


Amie N. aka “Ames”
Manager of Customer Solutions

In today’s world, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the daily shuffle- wake, work, home, hang out, sleep, repeat. We go through the motions, enjoy some moments, have some highlights and move on about life….Not at Republic Wireless.

Every day’s an adventure. A new challenge. A new opportunity. A new chance to be creative. My favorite example of this exceptional work-life experience is Republic Cares.

The Cares Mission: To provide an opportunity for team members to give back to the community. In my 6 years of being a part of Republic Cares, not only have I given back to the community, but this opportunity has given so much back to me.

Cares allowed me to get creative about team bonding experiences during Spirit Week- like playing water balloon volleyball. Helped me see our CEO as more than “the head guy” – he’s a dad who is willing to do ANYTHING (including a lip sync battle and sumo wrestling match) to raise funds for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Triangle. It has given me multiple moments of stopping to connect with a stranger while dropping off a meal as a part of our Meals on Wheels program. Cares continues to humble me as my fellow team members bring ideas to our committee about ways they want to get involved and give back.

Republic Cares doesn’t live in the Republic green light of our brand, but it is every bit the backbone on which our culture is built. I couldn’t be more proud of who we are, and what we stand for- family first, work hard/play hard, serve each other body/mind/soul. That’s the Republic way.


Ah! Am I the only one feeling warm fuzzies?  Get in on the love, leave us a happy birthday wish in the comments below! The first 6 people who do will get a $20 gift card!

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Notable Replies

  1. Happy Birthday Republic!!! Gosh, has it been 6 years??? I remember seeing the first news feed about a “to good to be true” wireless plan. Glad I signed up! Wouldn’t want any other provider. I like knowing this is a company that cares!!! And it shows!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Guys!!

    Been with you the majority of the time. Glad I joined in for the ride.

  3. coreyk says:

    Happy Birthday Republic. I have been here the majority of the time and have loved the amount of money you have saved my family. Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for bringing me into the smartphone era.

  4. Happy Birthday Republic! Here’s to the next 6!

  5. Well, I missed being in the top 6, but I still want to send my “birthday wishes” to all of you. You’ve done great things over the past 6 years, and managed to keep a close-knit community feeling even while growing. I admire your commitment not only to the company values, but also, and maybe more so, to the care and concern for your customers. I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

  6. Happy Birthday, Republic Wireless!

    Thanks for the all the innovation, member focus and savings. Being able to have an affordable WiFi-first smartphone service has changed my life.

  7. amitl says:

    Is it 6 or is it half dozen! :wink:

    Happy Birthday RW! Thank you for a truck-load of savings, year after year! And thanks for the community/forums, what a great way to learn new things - mostly about RW products, but sometimes even beyond!

  8. gap says:

    Happy anniversary of the day God blessed us (and the USA) with your presence!!!

    I am so thankful for the savings you provide your customers, and the ability to have a data capable phone without paying an additional $30/month extortion to have it.

    Here’s to many more years of great service and innovation.


  9. Congratulations RW, and happy sixth birthday!

    I have not participated much in the community for a year or so, but I couldn’t pass on replying to this thread. If not for RW we would more than likely still be using a prepaid service using flip phones…

  10. mandyr says:

    I think that we could probably make that happen!! :birthday:

  11. Happy birthday and thank you Republic Wireless. Been here since the beginning, and did not realize it has already been 6 years (received my first RW phone Dec 5)! You’ve done great work and great support!


  12. Happy Birthday and Congratulations! Guess what? It’s my birthday too (literally)! I’ve been with RW for…hmmm…3 hours or so now! While I came to RW like many, looking for better cellular service at a reasonable cost (thanks Clark Howard for sending me here!), what I have found so far has completely blown me away.

    I’ve spent some time reading through the blogs (and yes, I’ve called near and far and texted a bunch too!) and what I’ve seen suggests to me that the ee’s have a real passion for what they do, and that the community shares in that. Heck, I wasn’t expecting anything like this.

    Keep this up and I see a whole lot more birthday celebrations in your future!

  13. shari2 says:

    Incredible… 6 years… Happy Birthday!!!
    I’ve been with RW since Nov.2012. Signed up, had to wait in line for the ‘L wave’ (I think it was) and waited and waited until, lo and behold, RW nixed the lines and started taking anyone’s orders. I was a bit miffed that I was now just anyone ( #;-} ). So started my journey with RW and have been happy (99% of the time…I’m a bit older and don’t appreciate change much…add another smiley face…).
    Have the Moto Play Z (battery life insane ) now and son has Moto G3 (about time for a change). I still find it odd when I talk about RW that most have never heard of it?!?!
    Don’t come to Community much anymore and forget to send THANKS for help received when I have but maybe this is a good time to say THANK YOU to RW Community for being there to help all those who come for help and advice, the Community is a wonderful resource.
    Anyway…HAPPY BIRTHDAY RW !!!

  14. Happy Birthday Republic! Yall been good to us! Thanks!

  15. Not mentioned: Republic gave those of us in the Hurricane Harvey zone a free month of service. It must have cost them a fair amount to do that for all Republic members in the area (and probably for Hurricane Maria as well), but I can tell you that for me at least, they got a lot of good P.R. as I told my friends about it. Thank you, Republic! (And happy birthday, as well.)

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