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Meet the carrier that pays you back for what you don’t use…literally.

This past week (Sept. 17-20), Republic Wireless got to go to FinCon – the premier conference for financial experts and bloggers. You may be saying to yourself:  “Republic, come on, finance bloggers?…” But let me tell you, these folks know how to throw down. FinCon is such an awesome, tight-knit community of smart, thrifty savers and investors. People like our good friend J. Money from @BudgetsAreSexy (who Forbes recently congratulated for his $400,000 net worth), to Jason Vitug, founder of Phroogal, who took his money-saving tips on the road earlier this year on an epic, 30-day cross country road trip. If you want to start taking charge of your finances, learning about your money, and how to lead the life you want, FinCon is the place to be.

Blogger, J. Money with his… J.Money… custom made by Republic!

What was Republic doing there?
We love to help people save! We set up shop bright and early on Thursday the 17th and were immediately greeted by delightful FinCon staff and visitors who already had Republic service and just wanted to come say thanks for saving them money. It was great and continued this way for three more days. I barely had to work! The FinCon crowd was so nice and hospitable. Many already knew who we were and would walk up and just be like: “You’re awesome!” And we’d just be like: “Pfffft. YOU’RE awesome!” And then we’d all giggle and be friends. Others were tired of paying $150 – $300 on their smartphone service each month and being stuck in contracts.  Oh, I suppose our giant green trash can of money didn’t hurt making friends either…

Trash = $1! Get paid back for what you don’t use.

Give us your trash, we give you cash!
Why??? Because we’re the carrier that pays you back for what you don’t use! Throw something away, get a dollar – just like how our new Refund plans work. Have left over cell data, get a dollar. Well, a whole lot of dollars. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything worked that way? (queue obvious segue here)…

That’s what the wallets we hid all around the conference were for! Each one was filled with items from a parallel universe. A wonderful, happy place where you get paid back for the gym days you didn’t use, or the leftovers you didn’t eat. There was even Republic money. You may recognize some of the faces on the bills. They’re our members who’ve shared their amazing savings stories with us, such as Andrew F. who was able to save up $1,000 – enough to adopt his son.

Find a wallet, get a prize!

The other big hit at the show were the Survival Kits we put together. We had everything you need to get through four days at a conference. Tic Tacs, Tums, hand-sanitizer, free Uber rides back to the airport. We got you covered. These things were so handy, there was actually a point where other businesses exhibiting were telling people to come to the Republic booth “They got Advil!!!!” You’d hear people exclaim! We’ve been to enough shows. We know what’s up. 🙂

Everything you need to get through 4 days at FinCon!
Everything you need!

Awards and the Afterparty
We ended FinCon with the Plutus Awards – an award show honoring the great job so many bloggers have done in the past year helping people save more and learn about finance. We helped sponsor the awards, and gave all 40 winners a sweet, Republic prize box – complete with exclusive first access to our next gen phone!

Republic's Jonathan S. presenting at the Plutus Awards.
Republic’s Jonathan S. presenting at the Plutus Awards.

After the awards, we led a merry 400+ person crowd downtown to the Rooftop bar and lounge at the EpiCenter to dance the night away. And dance they did! The party was still going at 2AM! These people know how to play as hard as they work.

Rooftop party!
Rooftop party!

But – what good are words when there’s video?! Want to know what three days of FinCon is like? Here it is in three minutes. Check it out! See you for FinCon next year in San Diego!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Republic Goes to FinCon 15!”

  1. It was truly a pleasure meeting your whole team at FinCon15, you guys are all a delight. Of course I’m already one of the converted – having been a Republic member for over a year now – just got my first data refund!

    My only regret about the conference is that I was so busy talking to your team that I forgot to grab a water bottle or t-shirt! Oh well – at least we have the next gen phone to look forward to! Looking forward to it after the preview you gave!

    Hey look, there i am at 0:38 in the video! 🙂

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