Republic Hits Motorola HQ!

swagThis past Tuesday, July 15, Republic got to go up to Chicago to visit the headquarters of one of our key industry partners, Motorola. Not gonna lie, it was basically like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but with smartphones.

We wanted to do something special for our friends at Moto while there, so we rolled up with several fun ways to get people talking. Everything from collectible trading cards we made of Moto phones throughout history, to handing out free lunches to anyone who is currently paying more than $100 on phone service (we figured they could use it), and of course lots of free Republic swag!  We even found one guy still rocking a Moto RAZR (remember those?!?!) and gave him a new Moto G on the spot.


 While there, we got to play with a huge Moto Maker stand where you could design your own phone right then and there, and tell it where to send your phone once done.  We also enjoyed viewing Chicago from the largest rooftop space in the city.  I may have to drop a bug in our CEO David’s ear that we need to step up our breakrooms. THEY HAD AN ARCADE!!! Come on! (Just kidding David, I love my job).


Keep an eye out for more fun stuff coming from Motorola and Republic.

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