Republic is Off to the Races: Triangle Push Cart Rally

We’ve developed a device that through technical prowess and human ingenuity, relies upon an abundant, easily accessible resource to gain a competitive advantage over our rivals, all the while creating  meaningful connections between friends, families, and entire communities.

Pusher Paul Chunn and driver Justin Hindman decked in the green, white, and black of Republic Wireless at the inaugural Triangle Pushcart event last year.
Pusher Paul Chunn and driver Justin Hindman with the Republic cart!

But this time, it’s not a phone… It’s a push cart.

This Saturday, October 24th, our Republic Wireless Push Cart team will be racing in the second annual Triangle Push Cart Rally at Dorothea Dix Park overlooking downtown Raleigh. It’s like a soap box derby, but cooler.

The event serves as a community building and fundraising event to support the work of Southeast Raleigh-based non-profit Neighbor 2 Neighbor. And we’re always for helping charity, or a good cause. Offering a wide variety of programs ranging from after-school academic and extra-curricular mentoring, a late night youth basketball league, GED and career education classes, Neighbor 2 Neighbor describes its mission as “called to cultivate life-changing relationships resulting in communities of hope, justice, and compassion.”

In the service of this mission, Triangle Push Cart attracts race teams representing a variety of technology and communications companies from across the Triangle to compete, both in racing as well as in fundraising, to support meaningful, positive change in our community.

As a returning pushcart race team, we are honored to compete again in this year’s event, but aren’t ashamed to admit we’ve got a bit of chip on our shoulder. Last year, we finished third, just being edged out of a berth to the championship heat.

In addition a push Cart team team hungry to win on the race course, we’ll also be showing up to this year’s race with a couple handfuls of Republic phones. These phone will be activated, given to team of youth from Neighbor 2 Neighbor, and used throughout the day to tweet, post and gram the day’s event as dedicated social media journalists.

We invite you to follow along with the online, especially over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, using the hash tags #pushcart, #n2n and #republicracing.

And if you’re in North Carolina, the Triangle, or even Raleigh specifically, we invite you to come out to join us in person to support not only the Republic Pushcart Team but also the meaningful work done by a great organization. If you have any fundraising ideas, we’d love to hear about them too! Let us know what organizations and causes you’re passionate about in the comments!

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