Republic Spotlight: Women in Technology (Part 1)

Over the next few weeks, we’re highlighting dynamic “women who wow” us every day here at Republic in honor of Women’s History Month. We want to give you a chance to get to know a few of the talented women who are committed to ensuring you have the best experience with Republic. We’re kicking it off with Shaadé our UX Strategist and Britney our Fraud Manager, these dynamic women are strong go-getters who take on challenges like champs.


Shaadé T.

Buenos dias! I’m Shaadé, pronounced like the singer- Sade, NOT “shaawty,”  though I ‘preciate the shoutout whenever I introduce myself. I’m originally from Montreal Canada, though I’ve lived most of my life here in North Carolina. I’m a proud graduate from the design school at NC State where I studied graphic design. Around the office I’m embarrassingly known for love of fitness (especially when it comes to throwing heavy weight around) and my passion for planting, traveling, coffee, and Venezuelan food.

If I could, I would wear sweatpants to work every day but there’s this pesky thing called adulthood that keeps getting in the way. I’m also a firm believer that it’s totally healthy to let out a little scream here and there to relieve stress (or is that just me?).

As a user experience strategist & designer for Republic, I worked on projects like redesigning the account portal, testing and improving our help & activation webpages, and streamlining the Republic app, among others.

Lately, I’m thinking of ways to design thoughtful products that respect people’s time and emotions especially when it comes to getting help.

I live in the world where I am constantly testing new design hypothesis, listening, researching and understanding user needs, and executing designs to support those needs. Part of that process is conducting hours of user interviews, usability testing, and reaching out to our support team to hear what YOU! (our most beloved users) are saying!

What phone I’m using: I’m running on a Nexus 5X and recently switched to the 4GB plan because I’m a data monster…


Britney M.

NAMASTEEEE Yall!! I am originally from Atlanta, GA but was raised in Raleigh. I am a Republic reppin’, news obsessed, Senior Risk “Frog” Manager. 🙂 I am slightly obsessed with online payments, fraud and risk. I have been immersed in the industry for 6 years now. Fraud has been my passion since my sophomore year at UNC-Charlotte when I realized my favorite show was American Greed. Every career decision I’ve made revolved around my love for the show.  I love hot yoga and hardcover books.

I am on track to accomplish my 2017 Reading Challenge which is to read 103 books before December 15.  I am an extreme type A introvert who loves trap music with a dash of country.

I have a big family as my mother is 1 of 8 and father is 1 of 18 (yes, all by the same mother and father) In my free time I am tutoring in math at the women’s shelter, reading or facetiming with my God children.

Fun Fact: I am allergic to avocado and kiwi lol… Did I mention I love Republic???

What phone I’m using: Currently, I have a Moto X Pure that I use as much as I can. What do I like best? Saving money of course.


Next week we’ll continue highlighting women who wow at Republic. Have a question for Shaadé or Britney (no date requests please)? Drop a note in the comments.


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21 thoughts on “Republic Spotlight: Women in Technology (Part 1)”

  1. My son likes Republic Wireless – he has a WiFi only data plan for $15 a month. On the other hand, I think Republic Wireless needs to lower their costs for data. I have a MintSim 10GB plan prepaid for a year for only about $26 per month. This is MUCH lower than Republic Wireless 10GB plan. I believe that both use the same LTE network – T-Mobile.

    1. Hi @disqus_7XGNbe1zA7:disqus, glad to hear your son is a member of Republic. Utilizing WiFi should really reduce the need for large amounts of data. We are always looking at what’s best for our members and new ways to save you money, so you could see a change in large data plan costs at some point.

      1. Thank you for the reply. I look forward to the time that Republic Wireless lowers the cost of data since my son is so happy with Republic. In 11 months, I will need to decide whether to stay with MintSim. It is sure nice to have an unlocked Nexus 6P so I can change to just about any MVNO.

  2. Republic has cornered the employee market with smart and beautiful women.
    To all the RW ladies thank you for making RW what it is today.
    Bocephous ™

  3. Why is Republic Wireless highlighting women only? If RW is being “Politically Correct”, I don’t want feminist indoctrination propaganda sent to my inbox. I’m not a misogynist. I am an equal opportunity misanthrope, AKA curmudgeon. I’m interested in RW’s services, technology and products only!

    1. Strong women do not need their egos constantly recognized or “affirmed”. It gets old. Isn’t everyone supposed to be the same (equality) and “differences” supposed to be “evil”, especially if the “difference” makes someones little feeling “hurt”? LOL

      1. Not sure I completely follow your point @reality2017:disqus. However, if you don’t prefer reading about the employees we choose to highlight, we have other articles that you are free to check out. We do ask that you refrain from making further negative comments on our posts.

    2. We’re highlighting women because it’s Women’s History Month. We have a variety of interests from our blog followers. We also have categories at the top of the homepage so you should be able to navigate to the type of content you’d like to see with ease.

  4. I love everything about republic except not being able to call and talk to someone when I have a problem. If you guys trade the help ticket for phone support. You would be unbeatable. Thanks Jim from Schenectady, N.Y.
    PS love my Nexus 6p- hands down the best phone ever!

    1. Hey Jim, thanks for the love! Glad you’re enjoying your Nexus 6P 🙂

      Just wanted to let you know, our Help team is able to call out to you through the Help ticket, so if you ever need to speak with an agent on the phone, all you need to do is ask. Hope all is well with you, and thanks again for the love!

  5. Shaadé! I have a q for u. I used to have a motor x 2nd edition. I like the fact that I was able to choose what apps use data or not. This allowed me to save lots on data. Now I have a motor x pure that option is gone. The only option is to turn off data for every app. Why?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Hey there @EmG! Granular per app data controls were taken out of the 3.0 app as a technical limitation when we switched to Bring Your Own Device, taking us out of the phone’s ROM. You can still control app usage by turning off background data from your Android settings: To go your app drawer> Settings > Apps > tap on the individual app from your list and restrict their access to background data. Here’s a great resource for some of the most popular apps-

      Our team is always working hard to come up with new features to help you save money and cell data, and we appreciate your feedback!

    1. Hi @monica_gross:disqus what type of phone do you have? A few of our phones have visual voicemail, where you can access your voice messages directly from your call log.

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